| Top 5 Update. |

1) HEAT. No not the weather, and no not animals ready to copulate.
HEAT as in THE MIAMI HEAT, suckaaaaaas! Or, just Jason I suppose.


Flash is The Man(TM). Zo and GP (and hopefully Antoine Walker, I cant STAND him) can finally retire and not have to face a ringless post-NBA life. Good hustle, Pat "reptilian" Riley.

2) Graduated, June 12, 2006.
I guess I can put B.A. after my name. But who does that, really? B"H for it all, it's definitely a gift from God. I swear God rigged my grades this year, seriously.

3) Went back to work.
Ehhhh, what can I say. Still hate the place, BUT, I do hold a position of increasing power as each day goes on. That always helps.

4) June 26th, 2006.
Y'all will flip your lids. I did TODAY. It's all too complicated and too amazing to talk about right now, but get ready.

5) Something that's unmentionable.
Yet I had to mention just how unmentionable it is. lol. Fills my heart to the BRIM though, absolutely overflowing. *swoon*

*6) FIFA?!
I'm such a bandwagoner. Brasilia all the way, punks.

*7) I missed you all.
Once I catch up with my 'everyday' friends, then I will return with full force to the e-world. With a new layout, nonetheless :)

Blessings abundant y'all.

Chuushite kudasai! hehehehe.

Shalom, chaverim and Oyasuminasai.

Hebrew and Japanese Words of the Day:


(ka-VOHD) n. Glory; honor; wealth. The shoresh (root) with its derivatives occurs 376 times in the Tanakh.

Current e-Motions: *swoooooooooon* Life is beautiful.
Wikked Riddims: anything Maxwell. I've been obsessed with him the last few days. His new cd is coming out soon, ahhhhhh! And Amel Larrieux's album is CRAZY. Y'all HAVE to pick it up.