| Dear Friends... |

Just to let you know, that the end of the world is indeed at hand.

And whyyyy is it, that when I read over my contract this weekend, my sister pointed out that my company has made itself NOT liable in the unforeseeable circumstances that I end up missing due to natural disasters and/or WARS.

It said WARS, specifically.


What a time to head out to Japan, yo. I gotta find the Canadian Embassy QUICK, as soon as I LAND, more like it.

But yes, aside from all that, the end of the world is pretty much shaping up. With a peace treaty no less! I always knew Condi was the Anti-Christ. She just fit the bill all too well. Yeah, call me crazy, but I have a faith that moves mountains, and indeed with that faith, comes a lot of prophecy and a loooot of toubling events to happen.

Time to get ya soul right peoples!!!

And trust me, I'm in the MOST need of it.

And that's all I have for now, other than the usuals: Hate my job, itching to quit, my feet hurt. Oh yeah, my dad's coming back from Jamaica with TONS of mangoes, guineps and coconut drooooops, AND fried fish galore. Yuuuum. I can't wait, no can't wait (c) Sleepy Brown.

I also did something that I'm not too sure was the right thing to do, but I tend to be overly passionate and impetuous about a lot of things, so hopefully, God willing, I made the right decision. Yes, that's that cryptic speak again. I've learned it from the best lol, *inside joke*.

I mean you can't regret speaking your mind right? What you say is what you say. So I said it, a lot of it. It was more like letting my heart speak. Which is ALWAYS stupid when it comes to me.

K, that's it. I better go before my cable connection acts up again. You pay $30/month for stinking cable internet and as soon h'as a likkle breeze blow de sinting nuh wan fi work proppa, chuuuuuuh mahn. Dem bess gimme wan refunn fi dis nonsense!

Oops, Jamaican slip up.

Shalom, chaverim and Matashita.

Hebrew and Japanese Words of the Day:

Rachmana' Litslan

(ra-kha-mah-na’ leets-LAHN) phr. Aramaic. “God forbid!”


to end, to finish



kono bangumi ga owattara, nemashou.
After this (TV) program ends, let's go to sleep.

Current e-Motions: ehhh...who cares, the world's ending.
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| Ugh, We're Divorced. |

Okay honestly, though Nakata-san is beautiful and all...

That's about all he has going on. I mean he's not even a FIFA/futbol player anymore, sooo what else is there for me to pay attention to? Now I ain't saying I'm a gold digger...but he bores me now. He's probably BORING anyway, lol. Good looking guys usually are.

Yeah, so he probably only talks about soccer. And I'll only understand 2 sentences in each of our conversations. Plus, he's liable to cheat with this chick:

Y'all know who THAT is, at least. If not, regardez ici.

All in all, I annul our pseudo-marriage.

Hidetoshi and I are no more = Kurisuteen Nakata.

Bai-bai, o-sucka-san.

I now give you, Kurisuteen KANESHIRO...(thanks to YouTube).






I'll cough out a lung and y'all still won't get the picture! (ha, irony).

Takeshi Kaneshiro
is the man, like I've said before.

Dude speaks Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, all fluently AND ENGRISH.

(parte un)

(parte deux)

And I mean Eigoga cho berigu (pretty well spoken English) too for an ESL learner! Boooo, he went to GEOS though to learn Engrish, a competitor against MY GAKKOO. Anyway, yeah and he sings. And he plays piano effortlessly. And he's passionate and artistic. And he's funny. And he's still partially Japanese...

...and wild animals come to him freely with little to no hesitation...?!?!

What the...? He's an ANGEL. Apparently, for real:

(screenshot from his movie, Lavender)

And his eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyes...they are what get me everytime.

Takeshi is...captivating. Dang near poetic. And I have a MUCH greater chance of meeting him. Much, much, much. He's in Nihon A LOT. hehehehe. And if anything, I'll just fly over to Hong Kong or whatever and stalk find him.

Back up Nakata. I got a new shujin now, arigatou gozaimasu.

Plus, Takeshi's 5'10/5'11". And Hide's as tall as me...?! = pass.

HAHAHAHA and Jason's post for me is super kawaii. Thanks J!!! I'll comment on it riiight abooout, now.

Shalom, chaverim and Matashita.

Japanese Word of the Day:

Current e-Motions: Ureshii desu that I'm off for two days in a row! And I got more documentation from Japan todaaaaaaaay, I NOW HAVE AN ADDRESS IN OSAKAAAAAAAAAA!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!
Wikked Riddims: Fergie - The Dutchess - London Bridges ...yeah, you read that correctly. DOPENESS. Now DL it, if your ears can take it.

PS. Hoooold up, ummm...anyone wanna get this for me? He may be my ex and all but daaaang, this would entertaining, this is when he played in the Italian futbol league(s):


| Parable Time |

Firstly, you know the Dashboard page where you click the lil plus sign that allows you to post entries? And beside it how you can click and see your umm profile or whatever? Well I wasn't really paying attention and I was just about to click the plus sign to do an entry and the picture of my shujin in my profile completely caught me off guard. He is so dang beautiful! I'm sorry. I'm a Hidetoshi Nakata 'Stan' right now. It's official. Word is, since he's retired, he's gonna start some kind of futbol player management business in NY!!! Ahhhhhhh! I'll be moving to NY then...? Ewww, actually, on second thought...nevermind.

Ok, parable time. I'm gonna try and make it up on the spot so be patient with me:

Say there's this girl you knew named Candi that had a child with some dude she's known for a long time, a little over 6 years. Let's call him Shawn. Despite their minor differences, Candi and Shawn still manage to have a very wonderful friendship, and though they're not together they manage to nurse, support and maintain a family-ship of sorts that provides their child with love, nourishment and utmost care.

Then say one day an old flame of Shawn's pops up into his life out of noooowhere. Let's call her Katrina, and yes I picked that name purposely because of its recent connotations. At first Shawn was like 'man Katrina looks GOOD, but you know what, I'm happy doing my thing, maintaining a family unit with Candi and our 6 year old child, I'm not even gonna pay her any attention...' Which is great right? Shawn has his head on straight, finally. Candi knows he tends to get a little airheaded when it comes to pretty faces, but she knows that no matter what he's still gonna prioritize his family and his child. Then one day Candi finds out that Shawn has been talking to Katrina incessantly, and Shawn admits that yeah he sorta-kinda has an attraction to Katrina, but he swears that his family is still first and foremost...ok, cool.

Later on, Candi comes to find out that Shawn really has intense feelings for Katrina, and though he's trying to self preserve himself by staying away from other females, he feels like Katrina is someone worthy of affection. And though he claims he's still doing his part by keeping his family together, it seems like the 6 year old child they have, is lacking a good amount of attention. It almost seems that Shawn has forgotten the blood, sweat and tears that went into rearing this wonderful 6 year old child. And Candi knows Katrina's selfish motives, will be to rip Shawn away from the family unit entirely, if she gets her way. After all, she is a natural disaster *cough*in Juicy Couture*cough*.

So what is Candi to do in this situation? Does she let Shawn get deeper and deeper into Katrina until he looses sight in the VALUE of their 6 year old child? Is it fair that Candi seems to get passed over and left behind, just because Katrina in all her flaming glory decides to come back into Shawn's life? Isn't Shawn losing sight on who his affections REALLY should be for in this case? Why did he feel the need to entertain Katrina, when he knows what a disaster she's been in the past? (You see Katrina caused Shawn a lot of heartache, she was responsible for the loss of some of his emotional stability and she took a lot of belongings from him that weren't hers in the first place...etc etc.) What the heck is wrong with Candi? And where does this new involvement with Katrina leave the child? Should Candi just pack up herself and her child and move the heck on?

If anyone has any answers let me know.

Interesting story, isn't it? If y'all only knew...

Shalom, chaverim and Matashita.

Japanese Word of the Day:

Kono densha wa konde imasu.

Trans. lit. "The train is crowded."

Boy oh boy, is it.

Current e-Motions: *shrugs* whatev...
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| Feelin so O-Ren today...|

Lately, I've been pretty irritated by most people I know and things around me.

So I've decided to go Kill Bill on all of y'all.

I'm buying a sword. Not just ANY sword, a Masamune Wakizashi Katana sword. Straight outta Tokyo, san!


Check it out AQUI. Ain't it purdy? Oh and for those who hate to click:

Don't get cut.

Shalom, chaverim and Matashita.

Japanese Words of the Day:


Alternative words: Bushi, Mononofu

After a disaster of Hakusukinoe and the political turmoil which followed, a great number of Korean warriors took refuge in Japan, especially in sparsely populated Kanto region. Then, gradually they became private guardians of aristocrats' manors. Engaged several times in conflicts between these aristocrats, samurais themselves ended in owners of manors at the end of Heian period. Until Edo period, many farmers were part-time samurai. Samurai comes from an old word "saburau", i.e. attendant.

Current e-Motions: *evil grin*
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| Oh HELL no. |

Once again I'm convinced that Crapspace is not the place for me or my beloved ego.

Thanks, but no thanks.

This weekend one of my friends, who shall remain melanin-less, signed me up SANS my permission to That Place That Has No Name(TM), as it shall be referred to from now on.

So I'm technically on TPTHNN(TM) but I'm torn on whether to keep it and actually make it into a site where I despise all that TPTHNN is and will become, or delete it and run away without looking back, trying to scrape together what's left of my sacred Vomitspace-less livelihood.

I really like the latter.

I also discovered that one of my friends, one who I talk about more often than not on here, who happens to be a filmmaker in the making, and just moved to LA *cough*, also knows someone who's dating one of my ex's on TPTHNN.

Ok, gross.

EW is more like it.

I didn't need to know that he knew that particular person.

Not that I still have any feelings left for this particular ex, but the thought that my friend knows this person that dates my ex and they all live joyously in a wonderful-world-wide netzien community is just sickening. I'm feeling a little Uma Thurman-ish at the moment. I don't think anyone will get that reference unless they know Uma's track record with the mens.

Ahem, anyway.

Thanks, but NO THANKS.

STOP trying to recruit me into your den of evilness!!! TPTHNN will NOT swallow me whole as it has all of you. Y'all practically LIVE on there, and I'm not trying to be 'owned' as that certain melanin-less friend proclaimed I was the day he hacked my identity.

Think again, o-sucka-san.

Anyway, I didn't mean to make this into a post about TPTHNN at all. This was supposed to be about this new blog I found, about this Black dude that's doing exactly what i'll be doing in Japan. He's HILARIOUS. God willing, I either meet up with him somehow, or, make a new net-friend that'll help me out with the highs and lows that I'm sure I'll face in Nihon.

I like the name of the site too, GajinSmash, check it HERE.

And that's that. I've been an emotional wreck lately. But that's not new. Oh and I watched this Bollywood movie called 'Baghban' today that was stunning. STUN-NING. Rent it if you can. I cried for a good 2 hours of it. And no, it's not just cuz I'm a sucker. It really will have you crying. My sister aka The Rock, was in tears. That's like an impossible feat. It's film with a beautiful plot and a bittersweet ending, but it's wow. Woooow. It's exactly what love should look BE like. That's all I can say.

And I'm through. Good luck to you and yours with your Spitspace endeavours, but I, shall NOT be joining you.

Just know if you see a 'Christine' on TPTHNN(TM), who happens to be Pacific Islander at the grandiose height of 1 inch, it ain't me.

It's a creation of that dude, that lacks an amazing amount of melanin. And, wait a minute, who just up and disappeared on AIM? What the...?!

Good going, loser.

Your days are numbered.

Shalom, chaverim and Matashita.

Japanese Word of the Day:

Current e-Motions: incredulous. absolutely, incredulous.
Wikked Riddims: Portishead - Dummy - "Sour Times (Nobody Loves Me)"


Hidetoshi Nakata Interview

3 minutes and 21 seconds of Nihongo speak and I LOVE it. I understood about 2 sentences AT MOST of what he said. He's kinda mean too, I *love* that, as well. He kept saying 'like I said before' 'like I told you' 'I think not', etc etc. to the reporters, lol. Ahhhh, my husband. Do y'all hear all the screaming heffas in the back? He's the Asian Beckham, it's insane. *swoon* Jeff who?


| Let's talk random/cryptic. |

I'm hooked on Me and You and Everyone We Know.
I miss you.
I hate that chick.
I don't hate, really.
I have a big ego.
I HATE people with big ego's.
Some people are funny.
I know our friendship will never be the same.
We don't even taaaalk noooo moooore, we've run out of woooords to saaay (c) Dru Hill
He better let a sistah know.
Some things in life must end.
Lao Tsu is that stuff.
So is Angel Kyodo Williams.
I'm sorry.
I don't get people sometimes.
My workplace makes me ill.
Her poems about you SUCK SUCK SUCK.
Nothing compared to mine.
Yeah I said it.
Pretentious bleep.
Now he's writing about this stuff.
I'm jealous over the past.
I can't stand present tense nowadays.
Italy killed em.
Honking horns are blasting my eardrums.
As soon as I crossed over to my 'burb though, the silence was/is golden (thank God for Jews, seriously.)
They're gonna complain.
I'm gonna tell em to shove it.
I didn't get a raise?!?!
HAHAHAHA, peace out in 4-6 weeks, o-suckas.
Ok that one's obvious.
I'm painfully aware that I'm a nerd.
I'm also a know-it-all.
Which is painful.
Most likely you're just as annoying as I am.
I love that they're getting married.
I want to be at the wedding.
So I can laugh and cry and rejoice at good things yet to come.
Some people are meant for each other.
Krish Allah will forever be my regret.
I need to write one of my ex's.
I need to NOT write one of my ex's.
Do you know when I'm talking about you, specifically?
I figured out why women become whores.
I'm too old for it.
Loneliness isn't a curse, it's an experience...?
Live it.
Do it.
Steal it, but put it back. Then laugh at the idiocy of it.
Necessity outranks want.
Wants are never needs.
God knows what God's doing.
When will I learn to trust?
Mishlei 27:5.
Tehillim 51.
Let him please be half Black and half Japanese.
Half black and half something else.
I'm serious.
A lot of the time.
But I'm goofy.
Some people know this.
Dark features are stunning.
Curly hair.
Beautiful eyes.
Funny looking face.
He's a lot younger than me.
This time.
R. Kelly alert.
I have meteor showers on my face.
It's hormonal.
Everything's hormonal.
The destruction of the world is hormonal.
I don't fear life or death.
I fear failure.
I want to have intrinsic joy.
Let it last.
"The universe is benevolent."
I'm a bad friend to a lot of people.
Eric Benet sings my national anthem.
As does Amel Larrieux.
Maxwell is a feast to my ears (his cd needs to drop SOON).
I dream too much.
Do I want too much out of life?
Why do I desire these things?
I wish I was more logical, less emotional.
Like a robot.
Domo arigatou, Mr. Roboto.
Christine Jesperson reminds me of me.
That's narcissistic.
Who cares.
I care.
I SUCK at relationships.
They're the plague.
I want twins.
I want to be a mother.
Soon, sometimes.

I want to walk to the park with my children in my arms.
I want to smell grass.
Lawn grass, that is.
Roll in dirt.
Run through sprinklers.
Barcardi is demonic.
I don't have a drinking problem.
I could.
There's a lot you don't know about me.
No clue.
There's a slight depression looming.
Contentment is a good cover.
I ache.
I wish I could say it.
I love you.
And admit it to Me.
And You.
And Everyone

Shalom, chaverim and Matashita.

Current e-Motions: *sigh* one step at a time. Just breathe... (c) Telepopmusik
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| Watashi wa kyooshi desu! |

Which pretty much means "I'm an English teacher."

As of June 26th, I, Kurisuteen Emeeria Bah-rensu, am going to Nihon aka JAPAN. Departure is set for November blah blah blah, y'all don't need to know those details.

I recently got hired by one of the 'Big Four' North American corporations who hunt scout recent sucker graduates to enslave neophytic, yet promising, talent to teach conversational English to a wide range of Japanese people. My particular school is in the Toyonaka district (it's a suburb! yaaaaay) nearby Japan's second largest megacity : Osaka.

My classes consist of about 50% Japanese businessmen/women, 15% kids (I loves the kids!), 20% highschool and college students and the rest homemakers and random people who wanna learn the language.

Apparently Japanese students learn a good 10 years of grammatical English, but they can't speak this stinkin language. That's like French for me. I can write a mean Francois essay, but speaking it is another issue. I used to be able to muster a lil fake french accent, but being quasi-fluent in Spanish has made EVERYTHING I speak into a 'rrrr' shrill. Even English words that don't have that shrill I put it on em lol. But yeah, so my company's aim is to get Japanese people speaking! And the best part, my classes have me speaking only 20-25% of the time, the rest is aaaaall by my students. Bwahahaha! Less work, less work! Yeah RIGHT. This company plans on burying me ALIVE, trust me. They eat gaijin (foreigners) for choushoku (breakfast).

The Japanese have a CRAZY work ethic, as in, they HAVE a work ethic. 'Work' and 'ethic' don't go together for North Americans. Speaking of which I HAVE to catch Clerks 2 when it comes out. Rosario might just make it interesting. Even though I hate her. *hatehatehatehate* @ D. lol.

Speaking of which, why have I decided to pick up myself and head to Japan when all this craziness with North Korea ah gwan? Like really? And you KNOW Japan is gonna be caught up in the middle of it, with that whole 'for the US or against it' nonsense. And D, WHY is Kim Jong-Il's birthday the same day as yours? Are all crazy people born that day? I see a trend. lol. j.k. *cough*not*cough*

Anyway, Nihon here I come. So in honor of my new soon-to-be home, I shall run down a few things about Japan I absolutely dig:


Um, hello! Where did all these fiiiiine lookin dudes come from? Did y'all NOT see Japan's star FIFA player in TIME?! Um, wow.

Yeah, the one on the right, that's Hidetoshi Nakata. Heck, even the one on the LEFT too, I don't even know his name (c) Alicia. lol. Wait no, that's the baseball dude, something something Suzuki?!...well whatever.
But apparently Hidetoshi retired from soccer today. *sobs* I mean he should be snickering now since Brazil's out, and Portugal *sobs again*

But that means he'll have more time to travel around...saaaaay to OSAKA...and I could just run into him (literally) in a shrine or something...who knows....*starts e-stalking him*, you didn't see that. And I mean he's only 29, he needs a wife...mmmmhmm. I always said I'd marry rich.

Yowsa. I didn't expect 'gorgeous' to be apart of that package too.

1b. In continuum with number 1 = Takeshi Kaneshiro.

Fierce, fierce acting talent, with fierce fierce looks.

It's a bonus! Though he's 1/2 Chinese/Taiwanese his heart still belongs to Japan, I mean dude has an all out Japanese name.
Anyway, I'm pretty sure all of you have seen House of Flying Daggers (the pics above are stills from the movie), if not, you probably live in Alaska.

Oh snap, sorry Greg. lol.

Hahahahahaa, that makes it even funnier to me!

But yeah Takeshi is the man. His other well known movies 'Chungking Express' ('94) and 'Perhaps Love' ('05) are classics, do yourself a favour and check em out at your video store's foreign films section.

2. The Shibuya and Harajuku districts.

Cheap, dope, strange, original, funky, hypefresh and ever evolving are the only words that can describe these two areas close to Tokyo. I cannot WAIT to Shinkansen myself over there. I'd just want to people watch all day:



Despite Gwen Stefani's cluelessness, Harajuku aren't tiny lil dancer girls, it's a dang portion of the Tokyo prefecture. Sheesh.

3. Ikebana, Origami, and Fashion.

Ikebana is the complex art of flower arrangment, put loosely. Yeah some of you may scoff, but it's serious business. There's a precision that only the most skilled hands can muster up. I think I might take a class or two, some of the arrangments are breathtaking:

Origami, which I totally suck at. But I've been doing it since my private school days. I bet y'all didn't know I had somewhat skills like that? Ahem:

My most recent attempt, hahaha. It's supposed to be a crane. Shutup.

And lastly, fashion, I mean that's obvious. Their fashion sense is one of a kind. And to prove it, there's only one fashion god in my book, and his name is Yohji Yamamoto:

And for you Adidas fans, check out the Y-3 collection. Here's a sample:

And lastly Yohji:

Isn't he so cute and bite sized? lol.

*bows down* Itadakimasu and deeeep gassho.

4. Onsens and Shrines

Onsens are hot spring baths. There's a ton of em in Japan because of course, Japan is a mountainous country, which leads to underground volcanic action in MANY areas of the islands (apparently in Tokyo, they feel tremors EVERYDAY, um no thanks!). So yeah, they're public baths, which I know I'm not down for, so I'll dole out an extra few hundred yen for an hour by myself, domo arigatou gozaimasu.

Shrines are abound of course. Shrines in Japan are like churches in Jamaica: everywhere. Japan's national religion/faith/spirituality is Shinto (and Buddhism's a cool second). Shinto's something where the Japanese are believed to be of divine and holy origins and they owe the kamis (gods) for keeping them around since their fall from godship...hmmm, sounds familiar. lol.

And finally....


I pay for nothing but utilities and food, how sweet is that? My own lil place where I can be as loud and obnoxious as I want...until 9pm that is, or the landlord is liable to either a) tell me to yoseyo! (means 'shut it' or 'quit it') b) ask me for a wairo (bribe) so I can keep on being loud until 10pm or c) kick my loud and obnoxious butt out.

This isn't my apartment, but apparently I should expect something similar:

And just add on a kitchen, a tv area, a balcony and a bathroom and that's that. lol.

But I could care less it could be a CLOSET! I just can't wait to have my own place. Hehehehee.

And that's the top 5. There's much much more but I'm sure I'll get to it, alongside some live pictures of it all when I'm actually in Japan.

Soooo, that's it. For all the inquiring minds who wanted to know, this is what's been going on with me since the end of May, shoooot even before that. And I'm not quite done yet. Moving to another country on the other side of the world for a year isn't easy. I have MASS AMOUNTS of things to do still!! But it's all worth it. This is definitely gonna be an experience of a lifetime. And yeah, I'll have a blog for it.

Maybe even...*gasp* a Myspace page...!?!


Oyasuminasai, kozakou.

Baruch Hashem for my many MANY blessings.

Shalom, chaverim and Matashita.

Current e-Motions: chillin, but this entry took a lot of work! Time for food.
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|The Myspace Survey I'll NEVER Have on Myspace|

The Ultimate MySpace Survey
General Questions
What Is Your Full Name?:Christine Emelia Barnes
How Old Are You?:23
When Is Your Birthday?:November 25th
Where Were You Born?:Torontooooooooooooo...actually North York, which is like a Toronto 'burb.
What Color are Your Eyes?:Dark Brown
What Color Is Your Hair?:Dark Brown with Burgundy ends, my hair and color grew out.
How Tall are You?:5'6 and a HALF.
What Is Your Favorite Personal Physical Feature?:my toenails. no seriously, my toes are gorgeous.
How Many Siblings Do You Have?:1 full sis, 1 half bro I consider my full bro, and another estranged sis that I don't consider family.
What Is Your Favorite Kind Of Music?:Roooooock...ummm, sorta. I like EVERYTHING, but...
What Is Your Least Favorite Kind Of Music?:as I was saying above, everything but commercial music. Ick.
Who Is Your Favorite Artist/Band?:COLDPLAAAYYYYYY, but now contested by Broken Social Scene, Metric, Stars and The Most Serene Republic.
Do You Wish You Had Some Sort Of Music Talent?:I DO have musical talent, thank ya very much.
Do You Play An Instrument?:I AM the instrument.
Do You Like To Sing?:Not in public.
Do You Like To Sing In The Shower?:Yes, but when I know folks are home I try to sing quietly.
What Is Your Favorite Type Of Movie?:Indie
What Is Your Favorite Movie?:Currently? Me You and Everyone We Know
Who Is Your Favorite Actress/Actor?:hmmm...right now, Takeshi Kaneshiro is that stuff.
Do You Think Movie Stars Should Make Less Money?:Some of them do, the ones in INDIE films.
What Are Your Favorite Sports?:To play: Volleyball, Badminton (for real! lol) TO watch: Basketball, Hockey and a lil Soccer, oh yeah and the CFL!
Who Are Your Favorite Teams?:Too many to name.
Do You Enjoy Going To Live Sporting Events?:Hecks yeah.
Do You Play Any High School Sports?:I played volleyball for a while, badminton too, but quit both.
The Party Life
Have You Ever Gotten Drunk Before?:yes.
Do You Like To Attend Parties For Fun?:no, i hate people in large quantities.
Do You Do Drugs?:nah.
Have You Ever Tried Drugs?:well...there was this time in Jamaica...
Have You Ever Drank For Fun?:yup.
What Is The Best Thing About A Party?:leaving.
Do You Have Any Tattoos?:nope.
Do You Have Any Piercings?:will soon.
Do You Want More Tattoos/Piercings? Which ones?:I want an eyebrow ring, I've always been fascinated by em.
Do You Attend Church/Temple/Moske?:What's a 'moske'? lol. I go to a sorta kinda temple-church.
What Religion Are You?:I guess I'm Messianic on paper, but I DEFINITELY incorporate teachings from other faiths too.
How Committed Are You?:I'm committed to God, not 'religion'.
Are You Saved?:I'd like to think so. lol.
Do You Read The Bible/Torah/Koran Daily?:Daily? Nah...I should though.
How Often Do You Pray?:Every time I breathe. Literally.
Are You Into Fixing Up Cars/Trucks?:Nah, booooring.
What Kind Of Vehicle(S) Do You Have?:none.
What Is Your Dream Machine?:Oh I love VW's. And ummm Audi's.
Video Games
Do You Play Video Games?:Yuppers.
How Many Hours A Day Do You Play Video Games?:Not everyday anymore.
Have You Ever Played A Video Game So Long You Forget To Eat?:HECK YEAH, TEKKEN 5 CHAMPIONSHIPS BABY!!! That takes all day.
What Is Your Favorite Game?:Tekken (all), Soul Caliber (all), Mario Kart (all), Prince of Persia (all)
What Is Your Favorite Game Type?:Ummm...something where I can beat people up.
What Game Are You Most Excited For In The Future?:TEKKEN SIX SON!
Xbox 360 Or PS3?:PS3...I'm loyal to Playstation.
Do You Like Shopping?:YES YES and MORE YES.
What Is Your Least Favorite Kind Of Shopping?:Domestic shopping, like for Glade plugins or hand towels or something.
How Many Times A Month Do You Go Clothes Shopping?:I STAY clothes shopping.
What Are Your Favorite Things To Shop For?:Clothes and food.
How Many Pairs Of Sunglasses Have You Bought?:Maybe like 6 in my lifetime. Sunglasses are for divas. lol.
How Many Sandals Do You Own?:A whole lot.
Hottest:I'm sure if I had a hot friend, we'd be dating. lol.
Smartest:Adam and Beth.
Dumbest:Don't hang with the slow folk, save for Greg.
Religious:Rich aka Ricooooo, he's so holified. Too much, imho.
Athletic:Manfred and Greg
Nicest:All of em.
Meanest:All of em.
Concieded:it's conceited, dummy. And uhhhh...probably Carlos.
Craziest:As in for real crazy? = Krish
Funniest:Migs and Matthew
What Is Your Favorite Kind Of Food?:Chewable.
Starbucks or Jamba?:The 'bucks.
What Is Your Favorite Meal?:Salmon, wild rice with mushroom soup mixed into the rice, and a baked potato with sour cream and chives, mmmmm.
Do You Like Fish?:YES.
Are You A Healthy Eater?:For the last year and a few months, heck yes.
Cookie Dough Or Oreo Ice Cream?:Cookie dough has less fat, believe it or not.
Do You Call it Soda Or Pop?:Pop, SON. Soda is for Americans. lol.
What is Your Favorite Soda?:My favourite POP is...Sprite. You just can't go wrong with it.
What is Your Favorite Alcoholic Drink?:DISARONNO AMARETTO. In just about anything.
What Is Your Favorite Kind Of Desert?:Used to be: Choclate swirl cheescake with cookie crumbs.
What Does Your Dream Relationship Consist Of?:*sigh* Openness, freedom, spiritual connection, passion, common goals and dreams.
What Is The Most Important Thing In A Relationship?:Trust. And it takes A LOT for me to COMPLETELY trust a guy.
What Is Your Dream Date?:You mean when? Whenever Jeff decides to call me...
Do You Believe in Abstenence Until Marriage?:Ehhh, it's IDEAL aint it? lol.
Does Your Mate Need To Be Taller Than You?:YES please Lord YES.
How Long Would You Wait To Kiss After Meeting Someone?:I'd kiss em the same day! lol.
How Soon Do You Want To Get Married?:I'm not sure, my feelings fluctuate.
How Many Children Do You Want To Have?:Depends how rich I am, if I'm REALLY rich, then just 1. But if I'm so-so rich then 2 or MAX 3.
How Long Would You Walk To Find Your True Love?:Forever.
Do You Believe in True Love?:Sometimes.
Have You Ever Been in Love?:Too many times.
Last General Information
What You Like to Do for Fun?:I DONT KNOW ANYMORE! Do surveys. lol.
What Size Shoes Do You Wear?:hahahahaaa...
Do You Like Animals?:I love animals.
Are You A Good Student?:I used to be.
What Do You Do For a Living?:Stinking Sales Associate and newly hired ENGRISH TEACHER.
Do You Like Your Job?:I hate the present one, can't WAIT for the new one.
If You Had One Wish, What Would That Wish Be?:To NOT work at my present job.
Do You Love Your Family?:Of course.
What Do You Think is the Most Important Thing in Life?:Truth.
What Do You Think About When You're Alone?:The state of the world and my future in it.
What Do You Dream About?:Fanciful, fanatical and insane things that cannot be described.
What Do You Fear the Most?:Failure.
What is Your Most Missed Memory?:The entire year 2000.
Are You the Trustworthy Type?:I can be if I want.
Do You Like Poetry? If So, Who's Your Favorite Poet?:I sometimes do poetry. My favourite poet: Aime Cesaire.
What is the Best Way in Which You Express Yourself?:Writing, duh.
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You've been totally Bzoink*d

Shalom, chaverim and Matashita Gozaimasu.

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| Know Your Role. |

I can write verse out the dome
before it hits the lips and
spews out the mouth
in hymns...
I can blast society in
pen strokes and keynotes
and edit for black conscious folk/
sites that write about
the disapora in diversity...
I can
speak quintuplets in language
and bandage your wounds
by cussing you out in one
and saving your ego in the next
without breaking a sweat --
and that's cuz I'm
Always there for
stimulating conversation
but never igniting
admiration of
some physical appreciation
'she's too deep to even
notice that'...
I say think again.
Girls that drown in books
often drown in tears
when their beds are empty
and their friends
and leave them for
the swaggering hips
and flowing hair
that seems to
swing in the air.
Air heads who do their duty
enticing savory eyes
sucking sore for candy and
diabetics in
vision needing
an insulin fix
of pretty,
dumb in the end

the intellectual.
i'm too deep for that.
Better if I write
a poem than
express these thoughts over the phone,

Just thought I'd lay it out
on the line...
minus the dialtone.

(c) Revolt 2k6

Shalom, chaverim and Oyasumi nasai.

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