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My celly isn't letting me take too many pics, cuz I used up most of my storage. But I still managed to get one with them perching together. The white one is Flower (left) and the beige one is Prince (right). They're both female, but my niece named em, so using the correct pronouns really doesn't apply here since she defies the rule all the time. i.e. "Auntie, Micah hit me at school today and she, and she told the teacher and he, he, he told me to stop bothering her."

My niece is a grammar rebel.

lol, kids are hilarious with that out-of-breath talk. Like they end up repeating themselves five times in one sentence and it takes aaaaall of their energy to get it out. And their lil nostrils flare and their eyes dart all over the place, especially when they're lying.

I think I may want kids someday.


But for now I own two Zebra finches who are the freakin centre of my joy. I tried to feed them some spinach, but Flower got too hyper and Prince wasn't having it. Prince kept jumping on the swing so the little fragment of spinach would fall to the ground. THEN that wench-bird had the nerve to eat it off the ground after I turned around and sent a text on my phone. Heffa.

I love em!

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I also dl'ed Prince of Persia on my cell. I couldn't resist it. $7!!!! I'm just gonna buy the game for my PS2, it's over. I've officially become a 'gamer'. I feel like such an uber loser. I talked to this random 'gamer' in EB Games today about POP for like 20 minutes, and I didn't even KNOW the dude. Then he started talking about Halo2 and lost me. I'm not THAT deep into it now. I have a life. Sorta.

School is going well. It's pretty light so far, actually this semester is going to be light overall. Well, besides finals in April. That's gonna be like the battle at Meggido.


Hehehehehee! That felt fantastic. I just pray it all works out in June. And yeah, it will.

Oh yeah I got a gig with CampusX too, recently. That issue will be out in March, I'll keep y'all posted. I added them on mah linkas.

Ummmm...I'm gonna get paid $100 to do an 'on the street' interview for DOSE! Yaaaaay! Now I've got my foot in the door. I have to sell myself and my writing when I meet this staff writer. It's ON. If I could work for them after I graduate, I *might* put -- no no, scratch that. The only paper I'd put Japan on hold for is either the Toronto Star, or National Post. lol, Soli don't beat me up now!

Heck, even Essence. *vomit* Sorry, I mean TimeWarner.

The Canadian Federal Elections are coming up. And since my audience is primarily American, I'll just skip right over that subject. Just keep it in your minds. Cuz if Stephen Harper (Conservative) wins, Canada and the US will be buddies again. More than that, cousins. This dude is so intent on repairing the Liberal-ruined relations with the US he'll whore Canada out as much as he can to do it. I won't be surprised if we end up with US currency in like 5 years time. WOW. Now THAT will keep me in Canada for good.


Nah, forget it. I HATE here now. At least Toronto. I'm gonna move to the Bahamas. They use US currency right? Or at least something equal to it. And it's warm and friendly there. And their government is run by a bunch of moral, decent, rum-drink making, spiritual black folk too?! I'm THERE. I'll holler at Myles Monroe as soon as I land.

My aunt in VA is doing better (she has/had leukemia) and my cousins are becoming more responsible. OHHHHH and my younger cousin Christina, who's supposed to be my mini-me is on some other stuff. This girl is trickin', okay? Like...*sigh* She's using sex to get things from men. Period. She's 15. FIFTEEN. The dudes she's messing with are like 24, 25, etc. Nuff said. I'm going to cry if I talk about it...but maybe I need to.

She's brilliant, and gorgeous and (used to be) spiritual and very committed to her mom, school, friends, etc. Which is why she was ME, ahem. NOW? I dunno what happened to her. No, I do. My bleeping uncle, that's who. Long story short, my uncle divorced my aunt because he cheated on her, started a whole different family while married to her, my aunt had a female intuition hunch, followed him one day, when he left broke into his 'other' house, rummaged through his stuff, finally had enough proof he was living a double life, the news devastated my entire family and I believe caused my beloved grandmother to die prematurely, and at the pinnacle of all these events, the child he had with his then-mistress-now-wife ended up dying in a car accident a year after my grandma died.

Yeah. Don't act like your fam doesn't have Jerry Springer drama too.

I don't know how to reach out to my cous, man. I'm not supposed to KNOW this information, but my sister kinda put two and two together when she was in VA 2 weeks ago. She needs a slap in her face, and I'll punch her, believe me I will.

She's so much BETTER than this. Is she that desperate for male affection? Did my uncle screw her over that badly? In my family - and this is a West Indian thing, generally at least - the men in the household rarely develop relationships with their daughters. Maybe the oldest daughter, but never the younger one. My dad and I barely have anything that could be called 'relationship', and I'm the youngest child. And just like me, the same mess happened to Christina, but 10 million times worse.

UGH. We need to have an international family meeting, that's it. I'm gonna call my loud mouth Aunt Heather. She'll start enough commotion to make it happen. Or I can just wait to see them at the end of April, as planned.

*shakes head*

And with that I've become tired, finally. I had tekkappamaki with aka miso today. Yuummmmmm. I should've had gyoza with it also, but they deep fry it all, ick. All I'm gonna do is tabemasu nihon-ryoori in Japan. Yeeeeah, I'm joozi in FOUR languages now. *pops collar*

Ja mata!

*Japanese* Words of the Day:

Tetsudaimashoo ka?
Do you need a hand? (lit. Shall I help you?)

Ee, onegaishimasu!
Yes, I would appreciate it. (lit. Please help me.)

Current e-Motions: I'm aiiiight. It's kinda cold in the family room with hardwood on the floor now, dang.
Today's Riddims: Jeremy Enigk - United States of Leland Soundtrack - "Ballroom Blitz"


mindful said...

imma share something with you. i've NEVER been a bird person, but these little squawkers are adorable... *nods*

jasdye said...

i still don't care for birds.


Not Your Average Jane said...

None of those people up there read all of your entry. :-P Advice: Never post a picture along with a long entry. Haha.

Anyway, ugly birds. J/k!

What is Prince of Persia? Now Halo 2, I know about! It's such a freakin awesome game, man!!! Haha. Just kidding there also. Halo 2 is wrong on so many levels. I've never seen a game so addictive.

Didn't you feel a sudden burst of pride when you handed in your app? I know I did. I even went out and bought an alumni key chain and hat, that I've been wearing when I go out and people stop and say to me, "Wow, you've graduated from collge? You look so young."

Oooh congrats on the writing job. So what is Dose?

Take me with you to the Bahamas. Don't think I'm kidding. :-P

You have a mini me cousin too? Mine has joined the navy and she's 18. I'm sorry about your cousin, I will definitely keep her in prayer.

Are you West Indian? If so then you need to meet my girl LaDonna. Haha.

Anyway, this is entirely too long of a comment so I'm going to end this here and catch up on your other posts.

Kurisuteen Kaneshiro said...

Hahaha, leave it to Gabi to say what I was thinking! None of you punks really read all'a my post! lol. That's ok. Good advice sis.

I mean it was meant to be all about my birds, but I'm the queen of tangents. It's a bad habit.

Prince of Persia is like the ultimate adventure game about love, fate and determining your own path. But I'm extremely biased. Most would say it's your typical 'save the princess' game, but it's fun and I love that it has an Arabian flare to it. Plus, Prince is HOT. lol. But if you say Halo2 is dope, then I'll definitely check it.

Hahaha, I didn't even *think* to buy Alumni stuff! Awesome. I'm SO going to the York store this week. I've been mean facing it for years now, and now I actually have a reason to go in there and shop. yay!

Thanks for the congrats :) Actually, I currently have 6 gigs with 3 papers. It's insane! It's Chrisomania.

Dose is in my linkas, it's a paper aimed at the college-post grad level, young professional, 'urban chic' crowd. I dig it.

And yeah mi prima. *sigh* Thanks for your prayers sis. You don't know how all of this has broken my heart, which is why I try to block it out of my mind, ya know? I gotta reach out to her though, I just dont know how to do it yet. She used to be my clone! Everyone always said she'd be a 'success' like me, since I'm the 'great brown hope' of the family. Long story lol.

And yes misses, mi backgroun' is Jamaican h'aaaaall dih way! But it's so funny, when I'm in Canada I'm 'Jamaican-Canadian' and when I'm in Jamaica I'm from 'foreign', ha!

And don't worry, I appreciate your long comment, haha.

Tre - You know a lot of people say they don't like birds, but I looove em. I used to own a parakeet when I was younger, but he croaked. But I have these cuties in my life, they fill the loss I had back in the day. I STILL love *your* puppy though, Reese! hee hee, I read your blog recently and you said he's getting a playmate? I can't wait to see pics! :)

J - Shutup. That's a staple statement right? I didn't even read what you said, just shut it! :)

jasdye said...


read all of your post. i promptly forgot most of it (you'd be a bad poet in the oral tradition). but read maybe half your comment.

longer than a live led zep song.

Not Your Average Jane said...

i was totally kidding about halo! don't play that evil demonic created by satan himself game!!!!!!!!!!!

jasdye said...

i would concur. it's gotta be a demonic game, 'cuz i'm always losing that.