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So they had to dig a hole in my wall to get this stinkin cable net to get going. Something about falty underground wiring and some other mess. I pretty much tuned him out. All I wanted was to be online as of today, and that's what I got.

But a hole in my wall? I mean it's not a gaping hole, it's just...there.

How monumentally gay is that?

Very upsetting. Alas, I'm back in e-world...

Yeah, nobody cares.

I guess I should do a blog/yuckspace tour right?


I have less than 4 months to get myself ready for Osakaaaaaaaaaa!!!!


I'm going to start shipping things there next month and I'll probably send a mass email out to all of you and give you my new addy and phone number, hahaha like any of y'all would be CRAZY enough to call Osaka! I think not. Hell, *I* don't even wanna call Osaka when I'm *in* Osaka, much less. Oh yeah and I'm gonna have a new blog too so look out for that...and lastly...

This is more defeat than an announcement:

I've decided to officially give up the independant freedom fight and join freakin MySpace.

Not NOW though, in a few weeks.

I'll keep you posted.

I hope all has been well with everyone.

Ummm, so yeah.

Oh and you...if you even still read this...wow, is there anything to say? After all I said? I miss you. A LOT. I won't even lie. And I dunno, I wish I could take back about 85% of that letter. But a lot of what I said is 110% true so...*sigh*

I'm just an idiot.

That's factual, at least.

K, that's it. I'll be back with more sometime soon.

Ohhhh I'm going to VA in 2 weeks, holleeeeeerrrrrrrr. These are the times I wish Adam was still in Texas. Punk. With punk glasses. With punk RayBan glasses, no less. lol.

Shalom, chaverim and Matashita.

Japanese Word of the Day:


Trans. lit. "Good Luck, son!" < ok, maybe not with the 'son'.

Current e-Motions: meeeeeeeeeeeeh, like a cow.
Wikked Riddims: Death Cab For Cutie - Plans - "Crooked Teeth"

PS. Did I mention I bought Onimusha 3 juuuust because Takeshi's starring in it? That's sad and hilarious all at once. I'm gonna buy the whole series now! The game is craaaaaaaazy though, kinda like a Nihonji-Furansuu version of Prince of Persia.

WAIT HOLD UP!!! There's a sword controller!!!

Muwahahahaha, I'll look for this tomorrow.

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