| Dear Friends... |

Just to let you know, that the end of the world is indeed at hand.

And whyyyy is it, that when I read over my contract this weekend, my sister pointed out that my company has made itself NOT liable in the unforeseeable circumstances that I end up missing due to natural disasters and/or WARS.

It said WARS, specifically.


What a time to head out to Japan, yo. I gotta find the Canadian Embassy QUICK, as soon as I LAND, more like it.

But yes, aside from all that, the end of the world is pretty much shaping up. With a peace treaty no less! I always knew Condi was the Anti-Christ. She just fit the bill all too well. Yeah, call me crazy, but I have a faith that moves mountains, and indeed with that faith, comes a lot of prophecy and a loooot of toubling events to happen.

Time to get ya soul right peoples!!!

And trust me, I'm in the MOST need of it.

And that's all I have for now, other than the usuals: Hate my job, itching to quit, my feet hurt. Oh yeah, my dad's coming back from Jamaica with TONS of mangoes, guineps and coconut drooooops, AND fried fish galore. Yuuuum. I can't wait, no can't wait (c) Sleepy Brown.

I also did something that I'm not too sure was the right thing to do, but I tend to be overly passionate and impetuous about a lot of things, so hopefully, God willing, I made the right decision. Yes, that's that cryptic speak again. I've learned it from the best lol, *inside joke*.

I mean you can't regret speaking your mind right? What you say is what you say. So I said it, a lot of it. It was more like letting my heart speak. Which is ALWAYS stupid when it comes to me.

K, that's it. I better go before my cable connection acts up again. You pay $30/month for stinking cable internet and as soon h'as a likkle breeze blow de sinting nuh wan fi work proppa, chuuuuuuh mahn. Dem bess gimme wan refunn fi dis nonsense!

Oops, Jamaican slip up.

Shalom, chaverim and Matashita.

Hebrew and Japanese Words of the Day:

Rachmana' Litslan

(ra-kha-mah-na’ leets-LAHN) phr. Aramaic. “God forbid!”


to end, to finish



kono bangumi ga owattara, nemashou.
After this (TV) program ends, let's go to sleep.

Current e-Motions: ehhh...who cares, the world's ending.
Wikked Riddims: Mars Ill - ProPain, the entire CD.


jasdye said...

condi, eh? last i looked, the US ain't figured to sign NO peace treaty with the arabic/muslim world. certainly not this administration. although i think it's rather fitting that Rome (babylon) fits into this peace deal prominently.

though my understanding of the apocalypse is that we should ALWAYS be ready for Jesus' return.

and hoorah on the mars ill trip. took me a few listens, but i really, really like it.

Hip-Hope Sparrow said...

A "Peace Covenant" has been rebroadcast all over the net docuenting its first tagline on FOX news. I'd keep a watchful eye on Javier Solana aka Resurrection 666...

Christine, hope you're having a Selah Summer. I sure am. You can peep what I've been up to on my flickr account @ http://www.bahayshalom.blogspot.com/

And a few fresh poems at http://www.heavenisacountry.blogspot.com/

G_d bless!


P.S. My new email is Clifford.Rivera@gmail.com

And I encourage you to join in the fray at myspace!

mindful said...

well, i wish it'd hurry up and end already...