| doin a lil pre-spring cleaning |

Annnnnd I'm back. Not for long. Ummm, revamping the layout as you can see. Still have to work on the wretched comments section. This dude's layout has THE messiest coding I've ever seen, and I'm a neophyte in this thing. Anyway, the layout's nice and clean huh? hee hee, and *I* did the border up top. Japanese and Hebrew words for 'peace'. Dope. Interesting how they both end with a 'mem' type character (ie. the boxy looking thing).

If I knew how to say 'think minimally' in both languages then it'd be even doper, buuuut I'm not *that* advanced yet. Soon though.

I'm tired. Been scratching at this for a while now...but I'm working on it. I have tons of blogs to visit and I hope I get to all of y'all this weekend. I'm just so busy!...sooo much to do. Days need more hours, or, well, I just need more sleep.

K, I'm out.

*edit* As j.uno so 'nicely' pointed out, IE is not a good look for the border.
Mozilla all the way, son. And I fixed the comments section, whoo hoo! We're open for business.

Shalom, chaverim and Oyasumi nasai.

Current e-Motions: arrghhhhhh! I *hate* javascript!

Today's Riddims: Lights and Sounds - Yellowcard. hahahahaa, YEAH I KNOW! But I'm in love with their drummer, LP. *swoon* Once again, its the hair. I'm just a little disturbed that his bday was yesterday (Feb.16th.) lol. *inside joke*


jasdye said...

yeah, this is a little messy. can't see the top border in ie (maybe mozilla'll be better).

yellowcard? i think i saw them open for switchfoot a couple years ago. switchfoot was phenomenal, btw. yellowcard...

Kurisuteen Kaneshiro said...

mwahahaha i fixed it! in your face comp geeks!

Kurisuteen Kaneshiro said...

anyway yes, j.uno, it's finally not messy. And noooo this is NOT an IE layout. you've made me anti-IE and now you're reneging! :P Yellowcard...they're ok. I think the only thing I really dig about them is that they have a violinist in the band. That's just wild, and it sounds good, especially in their new song (lights and sounds). I just really like the drummer *swooning*. Plus his dad is like some jazz/tribal/fusion legend musician so that always helps.

jasdye said...

yeah? maybe they're decent, i have no idea.

i'm not reneging on IE, i just have that system at work and i can't change it. mozilla 4evr, baby!

mindful said...

i wish i could just take IE offa my computer, but I need it for such things like: msn messenger, and other programs on the comp. God, I hate IE... but i sure do love your new look. and yes, it's nice and clean, and so to the point...

solitaire said...

Hey girl;
I finally got the innanet (spelled that way on purpose) hooked up in my new apartment! YESSS! Praise God! lol

Thanks so much for your encouragement. Yes iyah, I wish I was there at that conference. Would have been DOPE.

I will surround myself with The Blackness come this August at the NABJ conference. Girl, I am SO excited to meet other Black journalists. This year's theme: "Stickin' It To The Man" hahahaha. KIDDING!

Talk soon sis!