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Yoooooo...what up good people? Your favourite person is back (almost).

Exams are over. Which means hell is officially a skating rink.

*breathes* *doesn't exhale* I still have to wait for my GRADES to come in though. Which has me sitting on my hands! But I'm not as anxious as I thought I'd be. But I keep thinking I have homework to do ! Like right now I was thinking 'ok after I do this post I'm gonna go to sleep, wake up tomorrow go to work and then come home and do homew---waaaait a minute!'...hahaha, I'll get over it. Not like I was the greatest student on the planet anyway. (I used to be in highschool, I often wonder where that girl wandered off to...)

What can I say about (almost) finally leaving university?

GOOD FREAKIN RIDDANCE! The worst 5 years of my life. Exactly, FIVE years! Wasted 2 as a Bio major, and then spent the last three killing myself trying to catch up and complete this stinking English Lit. BA.

It better be worth it.

And I will NOT work as a 'waitress'...I've never worked in the food industry, son son. And I'm not starting now with a degree in my pocket. No diss to anyone that has, but umm not me. I already have enough troubles being a Sup. in a clothing store, imagine me working at a restaurant? No thanks.

Ummmm...I've been going through some emotional turmoil as of late. Just when school has been dropped as the primary focal point in my life, it seems all my little (read:major) problems decided to surface their evil heads again. But you know, extended prayer and positive thinking will get you far. And settling your spirit inside, also helps. So that's what I did. And I'm alleviated...somewhat. I'm still human, but I'll be ok.

I realize I have to focus on becoming the woman I want to be. The one I've been putting off because "I have class" or "I have a 20 page essay due". All of those excuses are out tha do' now. No more escaping the inevitable.

So I've decided on putting my energies towards my soon-to-be business(es) and all the things I should've published years ago, in addition to getting my health together once and for all. I'm having surgery on May 8th. Pleeeeease keep me in your thoughts/prayers/meditations, etc. Gracias.

Oh my gosh. I'm an idiot! I think I completely insulted my 'god' friend, Krish. It was his fault though! This fool decided to make a reggae track. Mind you, he spent a few years living in Tdot, and the Jamaican influences are strong here. But ummm...with that American accent? From Detroit! Bwahahahaa - he wasn't fooling anyone. So I told him the track isn't bad, but his accent is crap. Was that wrong? Krish and I have (had) that kind of friendship where brutal honesty is at the forefront. But he hasn't emailed me back since I made my crude little comments. Dang...he's gotten sensitive over the years. He's still fine though. lol.

And that's been one of the emotional problems I've been having recently. Checking out dudes I have noooo business checking out! Or catching feelings for guys I reeeeally don't need to be catching feelings for! Yuri's in Israel, so I think the prospect of that has faded. I don't even know when he's coming back. So I need to get it together. I don't wanna be a desperate wench. I'm so above that.

I think that's all I have for now. I could get into my problem some more, but then certain people would---oh nevermind. Cuz if I say that it'll be even more obvious. Ah, dangit. Forget it! (I HATE you, you know who you are. lol.)

Adamu-san, email me por favor. There's something I need your input on. Pleeze h'an tank yuh.

Ok y'all, upendo.

Shalom, chaverim and Oyasumi nasai.

Hebrew and Japanese Words of the Day:


(KE-ter) n. Crown.

Meepuru: Tsukaremashita. Nemui desu.
Moo ichi-ji desu ne. Yasumimashoo.
Meepuru: Ashita nan-ji ni okimasu ka.
Nakata: Roku-ji ni okimasu. Ii desu kA
Meepuru: Ee, daijoobu desu. Oyasumi nasai.

Maple: I'm tired. I'm sleepy.
Nakata: It's already one o'clock. Let's go to bed.
Maple: What time do you plan to get up tomorrow?
Nakata: I'll get up at six. Is that all right with you?
Maple : Yes, that will be fine. Good night.

("Yasumimasu" normally means "rest", but it is also a polite way to say "sleep".)

Current e-Motions: meeeehfeeeehblaaahhh...yes it's still relevant. lol.
Wikked Riddims: Lupe Fiasco - Kick Push (instrumental)...the beat...I mean...the BEAT...*grabs head* Bump the lyrics. lol.


jasdye said...

i wonder if it's just a not-so-keen-insight or my low self-image, but i think i know who you mean might say what you know about something you speaketh.


big bro loves you.

surgery? really? yikes! prayers.

Oyasumi nasai.

chosen2b4given said...

Glad you made it through exams!
I'm sure your grades will be fine. (Truth is, it doesn't really matter if they're not as long as you have the piece of paper . . .)

Welcome to the real world ;)
*rolls out red carpet*

Hope all goes well with your surgery
te llevo en mis oraciones

mindful said...

you're just exploring your thoughts|feelings|wants, tain't nothing wrong with that... *nods*

as for your exams being over and you being nearly done with school, amen lady... amen... :-)

Kurisuteen Kaneshiro said...

j1: actually you have no cluuuue as to whom i speaketh, but that's ok. lol.
te quiero tambien :) and thank you.

j2: gracias, hermana. lol @ welcome to the real world. it's a scary place! and thanks for the encouragement and prayers, once again.

tre: it's one thing for me to explore my thoughts, but i can tell when im caught up in a pattern, and an unhealthy one at that. but im good now, i needed a few days to clear my mind. and yes sis, amen to school being over very, very soon.