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My niece even has a boyfriend...?

It's so serious! lol.

Ahem, exhibit a):

She's givin him some of that chokehold love. He must've said something fresh...like asked for her last Skittle or something.

exhibit b):

They obviously wanted some alone time, sheesh.

And finally, the evidence proves:

A couple made in...preschool. They're too cute. You should listen to their game show theme song. Everytime my niece sings it and her lil-man does the back up beat I'm convulsing on the floor with laughter. They're too much.

This is by Bluffers Park aka The Bluffs (for the Tdot heads who know, holler!), btw. It's a beautiful place. A place where I've written many in-the-dome-poems, that have never made it onto paper. I mean this would inspire anyone:


Then again...so would this:

I feel a poem brewing already.

The pollution in Lake Ontario is a huge problem that Toronto has been ignoring since the foundation of the megacity. It's disgusting: dead fish, bad smell, floating Tim Horton's cups. edit: Jason has attested to this. Thus, no swimming allowed suckas.

Anyway, the Bluffs are a pretty *sight* to behold en masse. When you're there you really *do* want to swim, so it's just a big goop of lake water teasing. But if you do end up in Toronto on a whim, do check it out. It's in The Boroooouughhhh *licks shots* (I spent the first 5 years of my life there, shutup).

Anyway, onto my stalkee lover 'inspiration', Jeff Johnson.


*starry eyed*



oh yeah, as I was...

He has yet another show on Black Exploitation Television, and once again, it is the only show worth tuning in for. I honestly, just ran into it on Sunday night while flipping channels. I didn't know BET was making another attempt at News. I thought News was dead on that network, but alas, Monsieur Johnson has resurrected it. And man, about time somebody did!

The Chop Up, is actually a decent show. They did a extenda-segment on Biggie's mysterious and still unsolved murder, which was well done. I forget the producer's name, they had him on the show too. Then they have this other dude named Samson who takes his consciousness of world events onto the street. He basically asks random people what their views are regarding world events. And of course, everyone is in their own stupefied state of mind to know that Israel is burning down, or that the US and Canada are becoming logging buddies on the daily (not mention the Canadian dollar is becoming its own lil Fort Knox, ahem).

Yeah...this Samson dude is GULLY, lemme tell you. But you can tell he's aware of the world around him. And not only do I like that, I respect it. Good luck deciphering his fluency in Brooklynese though, it can catch you off guard.

Anyway, at times, the show comes off a bit corny. You can tell they're trying to reach teenagers, so it's a little 'put on' for the sake of the Y-generation. Anyway, for its saturation of corniness, there's only one person to blame...

THIS HEFFA This chick. Who is a self-acclaimed 'uppity negro'. Firstly, that's an ignorant as all hell label to name yourself. Define 'uppity' and then define 'negro', then get back to me. (read: Read some Franz Fanon and Wole Soyinka to enlighten your obviously clueless behind, wench). Anyway, she just seems a lil too contrived. Like tailor made for the show almost. A cut out template a la Hype Williams videos. Like gimme a break, her name just happens to be 'Jina Johnson'...? And NO they're NOT married. I obviously would know if they were. *evil stalker laugh*

Yeah, she just seems 'ugh' to me. Mehfehblah(TM), even. And I have a feeling any girl they paired up to co-host with Jeff, would pretty much get the same roasting. But this chica decided to announce her idiocy, therefore she gets it even worse.

So yeah...I move on...

...to bed. No first I gotta make necklaces, and then read ADAMU-SAN's ARTICLE...and then bedtime. Today I had 4 customers come up to me and comment on my necklace. I had 2 do the same yesterday. It's been going on for a while now that I think about it. hahahaha, it's time to get the business up and running! They couldn't believe I made them which only means = quality stuff. I'm so proud of myself *pats Cee on the back*.

K, that is all. I'm offline like network downtime.


Shalom, chaverim and Oyasumi nasai.

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jasdye said...


entertaining, but i ain't get it?

are you missing some pics?

cute on your neice. know who else has a humongous crush?

that's right! ME!

mindful said...

that isn't a becoming picture of jason... and your niece is too adorable... but *ahem* where is my belt? naw, i'm just kidding. preschool love is THE best kind... no worries, no heartache, no pain... amen~

jasdye said...

jason can always make himself look like a fool. although i'm not sure to what exactly you're referring.

however, that was the wrong post. i think this is what you were looking for:

in other news, jennie's coming to town. dinner with the parents tomorrow. wow. i'm so PSYCHED!

Kurisuteen Kaneshiro said...

j1: oh hear lord...what did you NOT get? there's no actual point to my post! When is there ever? lol. i was just speaking about random things, ranging from my niece, to the lake, to my obsession with jeff johnson, to the girl he cohosts a new show with on BET which i cant staaand (her, not the show). tis all. and no pics are missing. maybe you're comp is just crappy! mwahahaha.

Oh yeah, thanks for the proper link. i knew something was off, but i threw that one on there anyway. now the story makes more sense.

OOOOOO and J2'll be there tomorrow!! With sus padres?! woooow and Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! Try to stay on your feet now. I know you'll be floating for a while. They're gonna *love* her.

tre: lol @ your belt. you're right, preschool love is so joyous and innocent. why have we lost our way as adults in the ways of love? i think it's because we think too dang much.

jasdye said...

y, i didn't see the pics earlier. so it didn't make sense (it's something with the connection at the school).

i'm stressin' cuz i'm not near prepared for tonight. (in terms of the other work i need to do.) she's landing in three hours, though. and my feet will love her (whatever that means).

jeff's uppity heffa said...

awww dayum, celestial...

am i that bad? must be...'curse that self-proclaimed uppity negro lineage from whence i came!'

actually, that part was just a joke. in my spare time i enjoy frightening 'the man' with my tremendous sense of entitlement...

anyway, glad u liked the show (well, most of it). i'm sure jeff offers his thanks. and i'll tell samson to enunciate for ya :)

i would spell check this thing but i gotta get back to the video set. My 'sprawled across the hood of the car' scene is up next and Hype doesn't like us to be late.

(and, please take all of that in the spirit in which it was intended)...u keep us on our toes

Kurisuteen Kaneshiro said...

LOL I didn't even SEE this! hahahaha, whoever did this is hilarious. I can narrow it down to TWO people I think.


And hello, you are NOT under any posession of jeff's so check your grammar heffa! lol j.k.

And Jason, I totally didnt finish my thought (which im infamous for)...I didn't mean your *feet* would love her, I meant your padres would love her!! Lo siento.