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The countdown is ooooooooooooon!!!

I just finished an essay I promptly emailed to my prof about 5 minutes ago. Why did I email it and not hand it in in person? Cuz I ended up in emergency last week Wednesday. I forgot to mention that to a lot of people lol. I'm just USED to being in a hospital at this point. Anyway I'm fine. Recovered well, and suprisingly enough got a lot of time to make up for the essay I never got to hand in last week and to study for a test I missed last week too. Whooooo!

So two more exams and hell is officially frozen over. I can't wait.

Um um um right now I'm just hyper. Cuz I banged out 7 pages single spaced in like 3 hours. Crazy. I'm breaking my own records for speed essay writing.

Oh yeah and before I forget: *waves to Joel* *waves to Cliff* *waves to Tre* *waves to Jen* *waves to Jason* And I'm not waving a HAND at you, Jason. lol, I kid, I kid. You know I loves ya. I love you aaaaaaaaaaall. I'll be back to all your blogs soon, I promise. IY"H.

Gabiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, we're done soon sis! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I'm so gonna call you on your grad day, hee hee :)

Ok that's it. I'm rocking out to Sam Roberts like I'm at Coachella.

He kinda looks like edit: a MODERNIZED-North American Jesus don't he? Wikkedest music. And check out the gangster stance w/ the backdrop:

Rep where you're from son!

Btw, I'm not wishing NONE of y'all a Happy Eostre/Ishtar. Back up with all that. I have some arguable views on this weekend, but that's not new. Just remember that Yesh (I call him Yesh, cuz He's mah homie) did die and resurrect during PASSOVER WEEKEND. Thanks. And when was that? DEFINITELY NOT THIS WEEKEND. According to what? The Hebrew lunar-solar calendar that's like the world's most accurate calendar ever? Yup.

Put em up (Jason), I'm ready.

edit: Okay, Jennie has made a very good point about the dates that I so hot-mindedly argued about for no reason. I realize that I've been dazed and confused as usual. Exams have had me completely lost. I've been so removed from the course of this month with both the Rabbincal Hebrew calendar AND the Karaite Hebrew calendar (I see you Joel! :)...but funny enough, ALL calendar's (including Gregorian) are more or less in sync this year. Which is scary. Yet intriguing. Why is that? Did the Vatican actually do some real research this year? And it's strange for the Karaite Jews to do ANYTHING at the same time with Rabbincal Jews. lol. But that's cool. However, I do have a question: Are Aviv and Nisan the same month? Or is Aviv now an 'extinct' month, as some Rabbincal Jews have dubbed it? I'm confused. Someone help an ishah out. Gracias in advance.

Ok that's it. Did I say that already? That's the Adam Complex(TM). Sorry.

(hey, did y'all know upendo in Japanese means the same as upendo in an African language as well? And who says we're all not connected!)

Shalom, chaverim and Oyasumi nasai.

Current e-Motions: feelin irie, wikked and cris *licks shots*
Wikked Riddims: Sam Roberts - Chemical City - The Gate (awesomest lyrics!)

PS. Y'all dig the new layout colors? And the border? I did something WILD before which J-uno promptly clowned. Which I appreciate. It was very LSD-ish. lol. Thanks Jen for your comment on my banner, I like it too! :)


chosen2b4given said...

*tries to picture Jesus with a hat, gloves, parka and sandals*

hmmm, not working . . .

*shakes image out of her head*

jasdye said...

did you just call Jesus your "homeboy"?

Lordy, when will this end?

and stop retracting your waves at me, sir retracts-a-lot.

i still don't get why passover/easter aren't exactly lined up, pero, aren't they aligned this year? i defer that argument, again, to you.

but, will you celebrate the crucifixion and resurrection this year? (honestly, at my church, i don't think we do nearly enough in remembrance of it. almost tacked on. but at the messianic fellowship, what's that look like? i still think they'd have the dopest celebrations.)

i think the colors are cool. i still can't figure how/what to do with mine, but at this moment, i don't really care.

breath deep,
throw yo' hands up,
dance like David,
pick up your cross daily,
follow to lead,
stay off the acid,
stay in school (for another week or so),
use fabric softener,
tell mama you love her,

jasdye said...

bosox/nyankees damon was much more cheesus/jesus-y looking.

course, you can tell these guys are cannucks. they're wearing y'alls spring gear.

chosen2b4given said...

Easter does fall on the third day of passover this year.

That's pretty darn close.

Hip-Hope Sparrow said...

Chag Sameach!

Kurisuteen Kaneshiro said...

J-uno: At Melech we do like this crazy mix of Passover and the Crucifixion/Resurrection altogether. And it only makes sense since they happened at the same time. But it's a reverent, reverent service. Hardly a word is uttered. We're just called to selah a biesala and remember Yesh's gift to us all. My rabbi has a burning pain for the 'lostness' of Yisrael, so he just went on about how he wishes they could accept Yesh as Maschiach (Messiah) and see the glories of God through him. It was solemn, but joyous all the same.

But when we party?! That's for Yom Teruah aka Rosh Hashanah, whoooo! The shofar calls and the dancing maaaaan! You'd dig it.

And har-har at the spring gear comment mister! (I laughed my head off on that one, don't tell the others)

J-dos: Thanks for your dos pesos on the Passover/"Easter" matter. I was way off! I wasn't even looking at the calendars! *hangs head* However, "Easter" lands on the second day of Chag HaMatzot, not Passover. It's a lil complicated. People think Passover is for a week, but it's kinda not really. It's just for a day (a sunset-sunset day) and then the Festival of Unleavened Bread begins and goes on for 7 days after. But modern Jews just push both events together. But the mazto festival is hardcore. Nothing with yeast with 7 days?! Dear Lord! But luckily, I *like* matzo.

Cliff: I left you a message on the Timkeepers blog! :)

jasdye said...

ummm... the Vatican doesn't set up the Easter schedule on a yearly basis. and protestants are notoriously finnicky about being run around by the Man w/ the Pointy Hat. but then again, Eastern Orthodox usually celebrate the holiday a week after ours, if i have that correct.

so, again, i'm ignorant. if it's confusing for you, it's confusing for me. but Easter doesn't fall on the same day any year, so I don't think it's based on a Gregorian calendar, unless it's some kind of translation from the lunar schedule to the solar schedule.

and yeah for jennie! i think i found me a keeper.

Kurisuteen Kaneshiro said...

Hey woodclicker, of COURSE I know the Vatican doesnt set up dates yearly! That was me being smart, since I bitterly detest the Vatican.

Ummm so yeah...I guess we'll all walk around being confused for now. I'm hoping I can catch up with Joel soon, I'm pretty sure he'll explain it to me.

And yeah, Jennie is a keeper. Too bad we can't ditch you in exchange! *rim shot*

jasdye said...

*drops face in sad sorrow*


uh-oh, nba post-season, baby. and i'm like shaq to your measley playground shot. hollerin', "get that outta my yard!"

mindful said...

*does a little shimmy*

yay... school is almost over for Ceeeeeeeee....

*waves back at you*

sam looks good cold... very good indeed...

*adjusts breasts*

jasdye said...

on a related note, i think i might have to get a training bra. maybe a sports-training bra, to hold 'em in.


i'm fat!

Puddleglum said...

meh. feh. blah.
it's still relevant.

chosen2b4given said...

~~~'sgonna be a bright (bright)
bright (bright)
Sunshiney Day!~~~

Fresh new look! :D

Hope you're head's still above water.

Shalom, hermana.

hah! - word verification:
omjzys - Oh, mah Jesus!