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I'm in a time warp. A meltdown. An I-gotta-freakin-finish-school-or-else mentality that has kept me away from you lovely people and your lovely comments. Sans Jason. :)

I can't BELIEVE Adam has updated before me! The apocalypse is near.

Hi to Gabi with an i's friend, CJC...right? Thanks for visiting my blog :) I promise you it's not usually a desert in here, but I've gone Sahara as of late. School is my number one priority. I even DREAM about assignments, essays, exams, etc. That's scary...but I'm used to it. I'll answer your questions as soon as I get a decent amount of time. Sorry for the delay in the meantime.

That's all I have for now, folks. I'm a senior-year askari. I don't have anything else going on BUT school. Yes, even Yuri [The Russian(TM)] is included under the listing of 'school', he's even more intense than I am. *swoons* ahhh, the Russians, gotta love em. We argued about Russia beating Canada in the Olympics, in hockey, of course. That was fun. I missed out on our study-date last week because I got sick, but I'll see him on Friday.

That's about it. Sorry y'all. I'm as boring as a bulletin board. Speaking of which, I gotta update some due dates on my whiteboard.

See y'all in April. Im Yirtze Hashem (God willin').

Shalom, chaverim and Oyasumi nasai.

Wikked Riddims: Everything Coldplay. That's how I keep my sanity. Though K'Naan has been in my ears a lot lately.

Wouldn't he be perfect for me? Boho, epitomized.
Anyway, he's going on tour in Europe I hear, y'all int'l peoples should check him - I'm CONVINCED he's the Somali-Canadian equivalent to Common. (Yes, that excludes K-os.)


gabi said...

School is life and life is school. I can't wait for it to end!!! Haha!


Ok,I'm cool now. I swear when I walk across that stage I'm going to scream at the top of my lungs John Mayer style.

jasdye said...

you comment to me?

i mean, besides calling me a jerkface, giving me non-existent negative oscars, et. al.

i was just telling gabs, but i need to constantly remember y'all graduating/changing people in my prayers often.

chosen2b4given said...

Hope all your exams/projects go well.
Hang in there, you'll make it.
You can see the finish line from here.

Suerte con el Ruso! ;)

mindful said...

school should always be top priority. glad you realize and is aware of this. *nods*

as for the russian... *2 thumbs up lady* don't miss anymore study dates :-)

jasdye said...

y'know, some people's time warps are actually fun to watch.

i know this from watching star trek.

i'm a nerd.