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Yes today is my birthday. Bye-bye 22, hello hell 23.

Adam, have I told you for the Nth time that I loves me some you?


Ok, good.


Unlike the rest of you!! Some of you I don't blame, cuz you either a) didn't know when my birthday was or b) knew about it, but just didnt have the opportunity to call and/or were crying at the idea of calling someone "international." or even c) don't know me like that and/or don't even have my number(s).

And that's COOL. And we're still cool, cuz I'm not asking much from y'all.

But those on my hate list. NOT COOL. Some of you, might have a shortage on funds, but even so, send a gotdang EMAIL if you're so cheap you can't afford to call.

I almost put Jason on my hate list, but alas, he sent me an email. Thank you J :)

Even so, I'm not upset. I have adopted something I've learned from the Dalai Lama: "Expect nothing, detach from everything."

It's so easy. It makes life very, very simple. And disappointments? Vanished.

Anyway, other than that...today was a great day! I went to my friend Junior's wedding. And Adam, remember how I told you earlier that it WASNT a Jamaican wedding? WRONG. I mean it wasn't Jamaican, but it dang sure was Trinidadian to the MAX. I was loving it, crazy jokes and maaaad food. Y'all would've been glued to the kitchen. I couldn't eat anything but salad and breadsticks, but I could tell the oleaginous, grease fest of food was wickedly delicious.

Oh oh oh...and I met me someonnnneee. Whoooo, gotta love being single and going to a wedding. Hehehehee. He's so dang COOL. Very geniune guy. And he can saaaaang! *swoon* He sang two solos during the ceremony, and he happens to be my boy's cousin. That was a lil wild.

The setback with homeboy: He lives in Jersey. Crap! Why is it I gotta meet the one dude NOT from here? *sigh* It never fails. But I dunno, we have each other's numbers, so we'll see. And honestly, I don't even CARE at this point. School is taking up so much of my time, and the other bits of time I have left is for work, The Lex and sleep. I barely see my fam, unless I purposely take the time to slack off from any of the former (which would be school, of course).

I have essays coming out of my skin!! Especially this one research paper: 20+ pages, how grand. Luckily though, I got sick recently. I have a sweet doctor's note that excuses me from many handed-in-lates and/or not-handed-in-at-all's. Mwauahahaha, go Canadian health system!

Anyway, tonight was Soul-i's going away whatnot, and I'm so sorry I couldn't make it, I hope she got my email. Hopefully she and I can meet up in the not so distant future, IY"H. I know she'll have hilarious stories and pics for me though.

Cliff, you are...exquisite. I dunno how else to describe that masterpiece called Pearl. There's a lot of references I get, and it's wonderful to see how smoothly you incorperated them into the monologue. I do have to read it over again though, and give you more detailed commentary. Life is so crammed right now, I can't even enjoy your literary genius.

Tonight was also a Dub Poets Collective slam which I wanna cry about missing. Pero, my cousin knows a bunch of the people who helped organize it, and she's gonna hook me up with a meet and greet with a few of the artists. Whoo-hoo!

Ok, that's it I think. Today wasn't about me at all, but at the same time I enjoyed it. I had fun, got a few phonecalls from friends and fam, met a great guy, and that's that. Oh and did I mention I have these dope Beyonce-circa-2002-braids in my hair now?

She's sexy! (c) Pharrell.

Shabbat Shalom, chaverim.

Hebrew Word of the Day:


(kha-too-NAH) n. Jewish wedding. Chatan is the groom; Kalah is the bride; Edim are witnesses. The elements of a Jewish wedding normally include the following: one chosson (the groom), one kallah (the bride), and a ceremony sometimes referred to as kiddushin. Separate steps usually accompany a traditional wedding:
  1. Shidduch - it's a match!
  2. Vort - formal engagement
  3. Ketubah - marriage contract
  4. Bedekin - the visit from the chosson to the veiled bride (after a week of no contact after the engagement)
  5. Chuppah - the wedding canopy
  6. Kiddushin - The giving of the ring
  7. Sheva brachot - seven blessings recited over the couple
  8. Breaking of the glass - remembering the exile even in our joy
  9. Cheder yichud - "room of privacy" - the closed room where bride and groom are together for the first time. Normally they share a meal here, directly after the ceremony.
  10. The reception - dancing, music, etc.

Current e-Motions: *swoooooooon* I wonder when he's gonna call...
Today's Riddims: Musiq - Just Friends


Todd said...

One of the best bands ever, The Insyderz, has a real chill song called Trinidad. :)

Hip-Hope Sparrow said...

Happy belated birthday!

I'm happy you like the monologue too:) I've got the writing bug as of late. More to come...



mindful said...

awww, i missed your burfdae... happy happy happy belated. wow, you and mook are the same age... *smiles*


Kurisuteen Kaneshiro said...

Toddizzle - "The Insyderz", usually I'd guffaw at a name like that, but I trust your recommendation :) And thanks for the bday wishes hun *hugs*

Cliff - Thanks chaver, and you better believe I'm looking out for more of your writing :)

Treeeeee - :D Thanks so much sis! And you know what I bought myself for my bday?! Your BOOK!! heheheheee. I'm gonna go tour your blog in a minute, I've been MIA.

jasdye said...

musiq has a song called 'just friends'? ill, that was the worst movie. saw it the other night with her. she had to go 'cuz her friends took her. i had to go 'cuz she was going.