| Ring ring !? |

Liiiieeeesssss, I DO care.

Call me, call me, call me! And no, I'm not gonna call dangit.

I don't care how many things I gotta do, this fool better call. (Though he's repsecting what I said when I told him 'calling me for the next few weeks isn't a good idea, cuz i have sooo much to do' < style="font-weight: bold;">blacked out when he said Maryland. I know toooo many knuckleheads *cough* Carlos, Rico, Ev *cough* from there. Wait, Adam you're originally from MD too! Snap, how did I forget that? You blend in too well with the Phillyvibe. And you never came off as a Murderland head to me, anyway. Maybe it's because you're a geek.

Dang, I'm a sucker.

Lonely people should never meet wonderful people lol.

If I had met a loser I'd feel so much better.
Cuz I'm used to that.


And you done know I wrote him a poem.

Hehehehee :) Couldn't help it! And it's actually a poem, haven't done an 'official' one of those since this past spring.

I've been itching to write a poem for someone new, and here it is. I probably could've written this one beforehand too, since it comes off that way. It has bits of pieces of what happened, but there's an anticipation in it that didn't happen (cuz he and I didn't even hesitate to converse with each other), but I like the sense of innocence in it. Has a demure-like quality even.

Am I gonna post it?


Ugh, I feel vulnerable.



That's one of the best words ever made-up. *swoon* Or no, it's not a word per se, it's ummm...what's it called...uhhh, the 'o' word....oh yeah! Onomatopoeia...yessss, that's it. Wow, go English major.

Dang...I can't forget his eyes, son son.

*trying to maintain gangsterdom*

Ayo, son, dude's eyes were like shining and ish son, f'real. Like all glisteny like, god. I'm sayin yo, dude was like the most captivating presence...

HAHAHA, what gangster says 'captivating presence.' Wow, I can't even front.

This calls for a Dwele song....hmmm actually, I'll give it a couple weeks before alladat. I take Dwele way too seriously for aaaaalladis.

Shalom, chaverim.

Hebrew Word of the Day:


(mam-MAHSH) n. Essential thing; reality; concreteness; 2) adv. Really; truly (“It was mammash a miracle!”).

Current e-Motions: I need to stop swooning and do some serious homework. I hate this! (read: lies! I love it! hehehee)
Today's Riddims: Errika Dixon feat. my home-god Krish 'Sincere' Allah! - So Simple (click clicka)


jasdye said...

isn't timi from that region? i keep forgetting what state she's in. the state of not-visiting-other-blogs-anymore, that's what state she's in.

you know i'm happy for you. we'll talk later though.

Todd said...

I was in Maryland for a while Summer 04! I know a few people there. Well, Todd gots connections everywhere, ya feel me? lol :) I do tho... fo real. I was basically stuck there, but I just called my man Jonny and he got me a ride to the BWI Airport Railroad Station to get myself back up to Philly. I also liked a girl there... but she ended up liking a girl there too... so enough of that story. The point is, everyone can call me too! :D