| ADAM!!!! |

I was in the middle of an EXAM fool! lol, I love how you call me at these obscure times.

2pm!!! I'm fully in class man. And what made today even better? I didn't turn off the ringer on my phone, because *sigh* no one calls me anyway, so I kept it on thinking it wouldn't matter. Wrong move! So right as I'm about to approach this stupid question on Richard Rolle and Hadewijch of Brabant, THE WHOLE LECTURE ROOM HEARS:

"EVERYBODY 1-2 step, I LOVE it when you 1-2 step...we're about to geeeet it ooooon!"

Yeah I have Ciara as my ringtone, BITE me.

That's her on the right, mind you. She looks a lil mannish in that pic, no? Dang.

Anyway, so I'm here fumbling to turn it off. And it was LOUD too, because I had my cell on the desktop as a clock to check my time.

Luckily, my prof was cool. She just shrugged it off and did one of those indirect comments 'May I remind you all to PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONES IN THE LECURE HALL'...

LOL. I wasn't embarassed...that much. That's not the first time it's happened to me, but this was the first time it happened in a room full of 200+ students. Oh yeah, gotta love that.

At least some of em were singing it.

Hahahaha, and this is the class I barely go to, too. I'm sure they all know me now.

But I know you'll call me back, on MY REAL BIRTHDAY, which is next week FRIDAY. You have the worst calendar in the world. I'd rather you have a CP time calendar, than just a CRAPPY one.

I still love you though. You just ALWAYS manage to get me at bad times...or rather, not get me at all. hee hee.

How about I call YOU next time, ok? (That is, AFTER my birthday, sucka.)

Shalom, chaverim.

Hebrew Word of the Day:


(tse-dah-KAH) n. Charity; Benevolence; Justice.

Current e-Motions: *sigh*...writing an essay...one of 3 I have to write in less than a week which = 32+ pages of writing. *grumbles*
Today's Riddims: that song that was on The Apprentice tonight, by that Nigerian dude. Jide, I think? That song was hot.


solitaire said...

I liked Jide's song as well! But of course they chose the white dude's song. BUN DEM AND DEM FASSI RADIO STATION ANYWAY... hahaha

Anyway my going away whatnot is on your bday. WHAT THE HECK. I know more people that have birthdays in October and November than any other months... another friend has her bday on the 25th (like you). My dad's is on the 23rd. My blogging friend Fran's is on the 23rd. My good friend is the 28th. Oh goodness.

Todd said...

Doood... does Adam know everyone? I know him from my MySpace for Ska for Christ!

Oh, and Hi C! :)


jasdye said...


like you haven't texted somebody in the middle of their sunday school lesson (course, some of us don't try to show off our flashy - read, expensive for us cheapos - ringtones and have our phones perrenially on buzz). twice.


re: adam.



uncle Hank Hill, maybe.

Hip-Hope Sparrow said...


Long time no blog. For me, that is:)

I've posted a monologue on blogspot. I think you'd be hip to the Jewish references in it. Let me know what you think.