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WHO was THAT? I mean who was that person, last entry? Abby McApathy? Wow.

Let's erase that sad, sad woman from our memories and gigabytes, shall we?

Bon, commencent.

Hahaha, there were these little French tests we used to take in elementary school, and even in 9th grade French class, that used to start like that: 'Bon, commencent!" And they'd ask a question in our cahier d'activite and the pre-recorded voice would say 'vrai au faux?'

Hahahaha. All my Canadian heads will understand.

Ugh, I HATE(D) French. Glad that's over with.

Learning Japanese is soooo fun. I found a few sites/books that let you pick up conversational tidbits, and I've been using them sorta kinda. Alongside Hebrew/Yiddish. Alongside Spanish. Dang, I should be like an interpreter later on in my career(s) or something. And work for the government. And plan tons of fanciful, cleverly orchestrated subterfuge against The Man(TM) with so-called 'Third World' countries.

*thinking anti-imperialist, anarchic thoughts* Mwahahahahaha!

Sorry. I guess I've been watching the France riots on the news too much.

So yeah. Ummm, York didn't go on strike, thank God. I almost had lock jaw the night before the decision was made. I was stressing SO MUCH about it, you have no idea.

So now my teeth are acting up. Too much stress. I'm going to see a dentist tomorrow, today rather. Crap. I've been living off of Motrin for the last few days. Also that stuff that numbs your gums, that babies use when they're teething. Can't remember the name.

Ohhhhhh and guess who went to a CeCe Winans concert on Sat!! That was DOPE beyond belief. I have pics but they're blurry. Ugh, the seating arrangment was disgusting. We were all packed in like sardines, in a auditorium that's made for 2000, and there were about 2,800 there. Uh huh. Then the line up to get in. Um, hello, why did I have to line up for 1 hour to get into a concert I bought pre-paid tix for? Yeah, that's Canadian event planning for you. And I had the nerve to wear my high-high choco brown boots. Mah sexay boots. But they hurt like hell, ummm after about an HOUR.

I still danced the night away in em though. She was amazing. And she's even more purdy in person! And there was a point where she stopped the music, in the middle of singing 'Alabaster Box' and was like "ok, y'all need to stop with the pictures, I'm here to worship, and y'all should be too." W-o-w.

There's more I wanna say, but it all slips me now.

I'm feeling much better y'all. Thanks to HaElyon. Thanks to enlightenment. Thanks to my hormones stabilizing. Thanks to my creativity coming back to life. Thanks to Lawrence Christopher, (this DOPE author!) thinking MY writing is the ishy-ish! Thanks to The Excalibur for having new Staff Writer openings! And finally, thanks to ADAM. I loooovee yooooou! I just read your emails, hee hee. You're the best. Like I always knew you were the best, but now you're even MORE the best. The bestest best.

"Thank heaven for you..." (c) Esthero


After typing out best so many times, I realize how ugly a word it is, considering its purpose is to describe someone/something above and beyond. "Best." Ewwww...it should be related to cows somehow. Bovine. Dairy. Don't ask me why I think that.

Question: Would it show a lack of loyalty to dump The Lexicon and go write for The Excalibur instead? I mean it IS York's numero uno paper (Lex is a cool second). Plus you get PAID. And I can work with them AFTER I graduate. Hmmm...I ponder such things.

I'm reading Kathy Acker for class. I feel insanely challenged. I'm writing so much, I jot stuff down in my sleep.

Yet, I still manage to not do much homework.

"My life is brilliant..." (c) James Blunt

Shalom Chaiyim, chaverim!

Hebrew Word of the Day:

Nacham (to comfort)

Current e-Motions:
soooo much betteeeerrrr! I needed to be an artist again, I forgot I was. And I finally have another so-called 'life plan', with GOALS! I had retired those in haste (and disbelief).
Today's Riddims: Esthero - Breath From Another - "Lounge" AND Coldplay - Parachutes - "High Speed"

PS. I realize I haven't replied to comments on here lately. Sorry about that everyone, I'm a jerk. I've read, laughed at, thought about and enjoyed all of them. I'll resume my commentary soon :) And write Souli a blinkin email! lol. And yes, you too Jason.


jasdye said...


!clap clap!

have i told you i've always loved your honesty here. it makes you you.

Kurisuteen Kaneshiro said...

*takes a bow*

*thinks about writing you an email*

*thinks some more*

*gets distracted*

*goes to bed*