| Have a happy Saturnalia, punks. |

I'm the grinch of Giftmas, as my girl Souli calls it. I have noooo tolerance for it whatsoever. And PLEASE don't come to me with that 'ohhhh we commemorate Christ's birth, it's just a representation'...*yawn* That argument is as weak as me trying to dodge a Saturday night exam, when I done know it's WAY after sunset.

Giftmas is all about consumerism folks, nothing else. If you really want to celebrate Yeshua's birth, I suggest reading up on Sukkot, cuz most likely that's when our Homeboy was really born.

I'm just annoyed by it all. I feel the most pity for my niece. She's blissfully anticipating the season, because of course she doesn't know better, and in addition, my sister is molding her into all the falsities of this supposed holiday. She's gonna regret it one day, I'm telling you. My niece is only 4, but she likes to know the truth up front or else she'll be crushed when she finds it herself.

Anyway, as for Chanukkah, ummm I think I'm gonna cop that brass menorah I saw at the Judaica shop earlier last week. It sucks being the only person in my house to celebrate it but alas, such is the plight of the Messianic.

Okay, that's my grumpy speech. I had to say SOMETHING. So now I go back to studying for my exam, looming over my overdue essay, and figuring out how I can dodge this so-called New Years coming up soon after this horrid season. Blah I say, blah!

But it's ok kids, I still love you.

Shalom, chaverim.

Hebrew Word of the Day:

Hasharat Hanefesh

(hash-ah-raht han-NE-fesh) n. Immortality. The Immortality of the soul.

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Today's Riddims: Adam Tillman-Young - Christ For Life (hahahahaa, I wish I could post it!)


Todd said...

I'd like to celebrate Chanukkah myself, as well as a lot of other things like Passover, but like you said, it's difficult when you're the only person in your house... *la sigh* I need to be doing schoolwork myself... it sucks... *yawn*

Peace and Love,


Hip-Hope Sparrow said...

"Blah I say, blah!"

Don't you mean: Blog I say, blog!

I'll be in Cali for New Year's with Hazey, Firefly, et al.

Happy Chanukkah:)

Shabbat Shalom,


jasdye said...

no, i think she meant,
"bah, i say, barf!"

please, child. i understand people complaining - rightly - about the overconsumerism of the season, or the fact that Christmas is anticipated, in bus circles, to lift up retail - but please, let christmas be christmas. it generally is a fun time of the year. it is a time when Christ and his birth (supernatural incarnation - of a virgin woman!) is declared out into the streets.

i think, celebrate. it's part of life, and if you exclude the good celebrations because of the abuse, you might as well not celebrate anything. and we are called to - on ocassions - celebrate. (or have you not read your torah recently!)

blah, blah, blah!

Not Your Average Jane said...


LoL. I don't celebrate Christmas either.

mindful said...

i'm convinced no one knows anything anymore... who's rite? who's wrong?

i wish i were all knowing at times, cuz then i'd truly know.

jasdye said...

what? y'alls a bunch of grinches!

in the meantime, me and cindyluwho are coming to rescue Christmas from your cold, dark hearts, stinkin' two sizes too small!

Not Your Average Jane said...

we are not. lol. we just realize that christmas is pointless. so many people are going into debt, because of one stinkin holiday! it's like valentine's day, why do you have to show you care or love someone on one day?

it's not even about christ anymore. it's not even like he was born on the 25th anyway. lol.

when i get married and have kids they won't know christmas like other kids do. forget christmas lists and begging and wanting. lol.

chosen2b4given said...

Best Christmas I ever had: I was fourteen and my dad took me downtown to work in a soup kitchen all day. No presents. No lights. No Santa.

Would my dad have taken me there any other day of the year? No. Why did he that day? Because it was Christmas. Sometimes, it’s the only time of year when people stop and give to others. Should it be the only time? No. But, at least, once a year, we (corporately) stop thinking about ourselves and reach out to those around us. Not that it should be our fix to get us through the coming year, as it may be for some, but I dread to think what would become of us if we stopped it all together.

Yes, it is a time for consuming, but it’s also a time for giving. It’s a time for vacations, and visiting. It’s a time for remembering family, friends, neighbors and those who perhaps have none of the above. It is a time for lights and a time for recognizing the Light of the world.

In the midst of all the crookedness and perversion, the truth is still there. It is unchanging, regardless of culture or traditions.