| Toronto has become dry bones. |

I've avoided posting about the gun violence in Tdot on purpose. Firstly, because it makes me LIVID. Secondly, because it makes me feel tremendously burdened.

On the 26th, which is called Boxing Day in Canada (do y'all in the US have that? It's a British thing), 10 people were shot at close to Eaton Center (J, you remember where that was? It's near the first stop we got off at and ate...? The big huge mall that has ten million levels...?). As a result, a teenaged girl was shot dead. (Click the title and/or HERE for the story.)

Since this summer there's been more than 50+ shootings. Not to mention the one that happened IN A CHURCH, A CHURCH I USED TO VISIT FREQUENTLY. And now this one, in front of a mall I visit quite often as well. And funny enough, I was supposed to be down there that day, but I ended up working instead. I wasn't even supposed to work! Baruch Hashem.

I dunno y'all, I dunno. I used to love my city, even underneath all my whining and complaining, this place is my heart and home. But now?!!? What kind of home is this?! What kind of evil has completely overtaken Toronto? Does this city NOT see that it's being spiritually attacked? Obviously, it doesn't, because secularism is rooted so deep into the very culture of Toronto, that the word 'spirit' might as well be banned. Oh yeah, it WILL be, once Bill C-415 passes. And you know it'll pass, cuz that's prophesy right there.

I dunno, son. Something has to be done. And no matter how much we talk about it, sit and discuss it, have town meetings and rally's, nothing on a physical level will ever solve the problem. People's spirits need to be HEALED. It's so serious man - it's too serious.

ever feel so handicapped
and strangled
that the voice
within you is wiped
out underneath the
righteous rage
pitted deep into
your ribcage?

ever feel like
*you* can save the world
yet the world
turns around
and tells you
it rather get rid of
*you* instead?

The helplessness I feel, the inadequacy. What can anyone do? Do people even know what to do?

We can pray. We can fast.

But we need to touch each other. Hold each other. Help each other. Support each other. Attend to each other. All of that = healing.

You ever notice that when Yeshua was going to heal someone, they HAD to address their issues/problems/ailments before He healed them?


Kids are holding onto guns like life preservers. And I don't blame it on 2 Quarters or Eminem or any other no talented wanna be thug rapper. That's overdone and obviously, not the issue. These kids are starving for love, attention, and GOD. Yes, G-O-D. And if you don't have Adonai in your life and you're wondering why *you* are self-destructiong, THINK about it.

Man, I am SO ANGRY.

All I can offer up is this prayer.

Shalom, chaverim...? (Where IS the shalom?)

Hebrew Word of the Day:

Yetser Ra

(YE-tser ra) n. Evil impulse; inclination to do evil or perform wicked acts. Yetser HaRa is the “old nature” that feeds on sinful impulses.

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PS. I'm starting a blog for my poetry/prose/rambles, cuz I find they need their own space. Once I have it hooked up I'll let y'all know its whereabouts.


Todd said...

How sad, and you're right, things are going downhill and nobody is really doing much about it. I definitely feel you about wanting to save the world, and then it turning and saying it wants to get rid of you.

Sadly, the same thing is happening in Omaha. It totally boggled the mind of my friend Kendrick, who moved here from Dallas, that there is all this violence in "Omaha?!" Kids afraid to go to the parks to play basketball because they might get shot, two guys just got shot near the coffee shop we have been having a lot of our events at... it's getting more frequent and more widespread.

As far as the secularization and the illegalization of Christianity... that's on its way. The signs are clear, and it gets worse every year. I think my Dad had a good point a few weeks ago when he said, "God is probably allowing this because he wants us to have to take a stand, we've been too complacent for too long. If we are threatened, maybe we will finally stand up for ourselves, stand up for Christ."

Hip-Hope Sparrow said...

There is a book written by Rick Joyner where Rick mentions the anxiety that Israel and the people of Israel experience on a daily basis and that the desire for Peace is so strong. Rick mentions that there are Missionaries of Peace who will bring the manifestation of Peace to the Jewish Israelis who are desperate for the fruits of Ruach HaKodesh. We, as believers in Messiah, grafted into The Olive Tree, are those Missionaries of Peace who will delight the people of Yeshua, and Yeshua Himself. Only then will Yeshua HaMashiach return. Only then will there be peace in Jerusalem.

Missionaries of Peace are being welcomed into The Holy Land via domestic workers, nurses, artists, volunteers, various ministries. We must continue to pray for The Peace of Jerusalem. Amein?

jasdye said...

yeah, peace is hard work. Jesus promises that they will be blessed. but he was talking about peace-makers, those who make peace possible in the midst of this anarchic and war-ready world.

(why am i writing this instead of doing my atttendance records? 'cuz i'm lazy, that's why.)

work on peace. i'm sorry to say that violence is a part of life in this world, and you're right, we shouldn't feel rest about it (though living in inner-city chicago, i see it as a part of life and come into contact with it nearly daily). so pray. practice peace. deliver peace. and pray some more.

be you gwad! (byiguadd)

mindful said...

welcome to the United States of America...

gunplay, ha... calling it that is an understatement around these parts...

it's more than sad to read about it tho, it's unbelievably crippling..

Todd said...

But she's not in the USA... hmmm... *thinks and walks off* :)

mindful said...

it was like saying... sarcastically... welcome to what we live day in and day out... i know she got it... *nods* lol... i know where she's located... *shows tongue*