| I got Tre's book today. |

Sold onto filed


Wedged between my teeth.

I eat it all up.

I grind for this.

It’s the ISBN number

That hit me in the


While sitting atop

Of pinwheels printed

Out on vanilla sheets

Binded in coils.

Blue doom

Surrounds the room

And inhales

All of the joy.

Poised myself

For satisfaction.

Tried a game

Of hulahoops for fun.

Traced the creases

That formed

Frowns and smiles

Jumping lines





The word

That leads her.

She doesn’t have

Storybooks plastered

Over with technicolors.

She has


And black

As this manual

holy book.

Mantra this,

Mantra that.


Would be

If I went to sleep instead.

Falling out of

In love


The cap covered


Cradling its shadow

For 12 hrs coming.


My tummy

I punch holes

Right through me.

And she watched them

Get delivered

Each time I flipped it.

Cuz she decided

To spread out

Mass appeals

Through Lulu.

Took em up and

Processed the fold

Wedged between my teeth,

Doggy eared.

I gotta save recollections.

There’s more…

So much more,

To read.

(c) 2005

I take it that "To all those I've befriended" applies to me too! Hee hee.

God Bless you sis. I'm drowning in phenomenal right now. For really, really.

Lei: You're up next.

Shabbat Shalom everyone.


Todd said...

hmmm... interesting... powerful... yet i have no idea what it's about. *wide-eyed face* :) I'm reading a book too ya know, by Peter Kreeft, PhD.

mindful said...

cee... of course it applies to you :-). that list would be soooo long if i sat and named every last one of the people i've befriended. i'm glad it arrived safely and that you seem to be enjoying it. this, your words... you're heaven-sent for this. and lemme tell you something, with sunshine's book, u're in for a long nite ahead of you love, cuz once you start, it's so hard to put down.

my sis is raw, fire and brimstone. i swear i'm in awe of her sometimes. amen

jasdye said...

awww, you got diana ross to comment on your blog. and the hot diana ross from the 60's-70's apparently.

anyway, did you just add that title or did i just finally put 1 and 1 together?

probably the latter. i am a bit slow on the uptake.