: imitatingthe&decon~struc_tionof*punctuation }| . in{rambling) prose ;

It’s always `me` on the other side of the screen, panting hurting and wondering why I’m here and what my purpose is and if the other person on the other other side gets the gist of why I’m there and if it’s of !!!any importance!!! to them * import tenses like I do often when something stabs me in the heart, but heart bruises only cause more blood to pump out which thus makes me even more invincible right+ I thought that was the case, but the court overruled my composure which leads to irrational behaviours of a free soul that takes the time out to sit behind {this side of the screen and ponder where she’s supposed to go from here} I believe my room is the safest bet yet dreams can attack me just as easily as dimly lit computer screens but there’s no cover from danger so I’ll bury myself in my covers and take hold of my pillows for ample ammunition over the incoming bombs of nightmares that befall me, enthrall me and leave me up for \hours\ wondering\wandering\ what else to do with my time\\\\ but sit in front of glass screened |computers|. It’s the gift and curse and I’m under the cloudy_burst_of_film and pixels and megabytes of crystals and seep and sore and sear into my skin while I listen to stories that break^^my^ heart^--_-_-____. Over and over again like I was Nelly and Tim McGraw and I draw on the ceiling in order to create an atmosphere of cumulus nimbus and temp----estu---ous clouds that rage and roar into my subconscious like a lethal threat only to uphold me and revive me keep me alive to see the way I found out ~blocking~ someone from the other other side was easier than I think.











Todd said...

*Rubs whiskery chin* Interesting... I really like the overuse of punctuation to emphasise the intense mental and emotional states of the writer...

If only I smoked a pipe, then I could really analize things well... :)

solitaire said...

Mi still deyah, sis... not freezing (it's 2 degrees and the snow is melting) and trying to figure out what to do with myself (have some days off and not doing anything in particular).

Keep that head up girl, the Lord has a purpose for your life! 2006 will be your year!!

solitaire said...
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jasdye said...

wait, are you deleting an ape? is it a commentary on king kong's computerized matter over the mind of more serious work? or, does a p e stand for something?

in other news, this is a new side i've not seen of your expression. parapgraph poetry with modifications. it hurts my eyes though. something about light colors on white just doesn't work well for me.

nietzche was wrong about a lot of things. the judge and truth seems to disagree with this: whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

pillows wouldn't be ammunition against incoming fire, silly. defense. pillows are great defenders. everybody knows that!

mindful said...

you know what they say... what doesn't kill us, only makes us stronger....