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I met a Russian!

And he's Jewish!

He's so dope. *swoon*

He an I analyzed the objective correlatives in Shir-HaShirim (Songs of Solomon) today in class (it's a Medieval Drama English Lit course that treads along the lines of Biblical analyzation/parallels here and there, pretty fun, same class I spoke about last post) and, he completely broke down the assonance and caesura I missed from reading it before.


He's so...hmmm...I dunno. He's artistic. Like that very raw and irregular type of artist. Very earthy and organic. Not quite boho, cuz, duh, he's Russian. I ended up flipping through his notebook today and saw all these sketches. He's amazingly talented. He has a sharp edge to the images he thinks up and draws. He's not even a English major! He's a film major! lol, that made me laugh for two reasons. And those two people know why.

Heh heh...he's gonna help me with my essay. And y'all KNOW I don't need any help with essays. Bwahahaha.

He and I never really talked before today when we were forced into a mutual discussion group. And the whole time he and I just couldn't stop talking. He's intelligent. But not pretentious and irritating like most intelligent people. He's rare and fascinating. Like you could talk about Jay-Z and Dostoevsky in the same sentence with him. lol. But he's really in touch with the world around him...hmmm...he's almost...mysterious...sorta...

This should be interesting.

More later! Oh yeah, and Happy St. Pat's day. Thanks to VeggieTales, I know aaaaaall about him.

Shabbat Shalom, chaverim and Oyasumi nasai.

Hebrew Word of the Day:


(keed-DOOSH) n. A prayer recited, usually over wine, on the evenings and mornings of Sabbaths and holidays. “Sanctification,” and specifically the blessing over wine recited on Shabbat and holidays. Kiddush is the ritual performed on the Sabbath and festival days, consisting of a liturgical text recited over a full cup of wine which is then drunk.

Current e-Motions: I feel like that day back in gr. 11 when I read Journey to Ixtlan for the first time.
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Puddleglum said...


Kurisuteen Kaneshiro said...

Don't mmm-hmmm me! lol. ANSWER YOUR PHONE! heheheee.

jasdye said...

sometimes i think that the lines between film and english majors in college is a little too blurred. my film history prof was an english teacher. a lot of writers want to be filmmakers, and vice versa. and they're really diff. modes of media. really, who wants a talkie movie?

but, really, i think the lines should be blurred more - or at least the dialogue should be open more.

Hip-Hope Sparrow said...

Zach Braff would be proud. I hope you know, the former Soviets drink vodka for breakfast. I should know. I travelled to Belarus back in the day. Plus, Russians are hardcore when it comes to mastery. Your new friend prolly has been to Siberia and back in his life.

I've got a new blog site. Scrapped Blogger cause it was giving me problems. I've converted to Word:


You can peep some literary works here:



Cliff aka Hip-Hope Raven

consecratedjc said...

you are a messianic jew, so cool.

By the way I am gabi's with an "i" friend. She has corrected my spelling and grammar twice thus far.

read your blog you sound pretty cool.

2 questions...

How did you become a messianic jew?

How did you learn to read and speak Hebrew?