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Ummm...have I become that obscure that y'all have abandoned me? *sniff* I mean can a sista take some tiiiime out to go through a VERY complicated part of her life? *choked up* Why hath thou forsaken meeeeeeeee *sobs*


I don't blame y'all really, I'd abandon this blog too. Shoot, I dance with the idea *daily*. I have a thing for reviving myself. Like a phoenix coming out of the ash. Wow, that was a corny metaphor. Scratch that. But yeah, I like starting anew. It feels good and fresh and...innocent, I guess. Hmmm...

Anyway yeah. Life's been tough, but I'm tougher. Even though I'm a big whiny baby on the side, babies can still kick bootay when they're ready. Like the Rugrats. Apparently, according to some silly quiz I did, I'm like Tommy. A leader. Fearless. Toothless. Bad-a!!.


Adam's birthday came and went and that sucka didn't even check his email. I'm hurt. But I'm not surprised. He's becoming more dark and brooding about his birthday's. What's THAT about Adam, huh?!?!! Suck it up. 23 is fun....


hahaha, I almost believed it!

You're still loved.

He was in Knoxville buying a 'concession trailer'. And NO I didn't look it up on google! I like what I've created in my imagination = a giant white RV-esque trailer with "The Tillman-Youngs" plastered on the side with graffiti in pink, like the remixed Partridge Family. Adam epitomizes the new Black Hick(TM). That's gonna become a hot new trend, trust. Adam will make it seem cool, somehow. He's already coined the phrase "Saint Pigeon John". He's unstoppable.

My fingers are freezing, but Tdot in itself is not cold. It's like pre-summer up here! Well for Canadians. Anything *not* in the minus range (Celsius) is celebratory, by decking out in capris/shorts/gauchos and some kind of shoe exposing your toes and heels. Sans socks. Except for those dudes that wear Umbro that *insist* on wearing tube socks with sandals. They need to be executed!

And uhhh Matthew aka Mattchu...where the heck are you? I check online every second (ok, only about twice) to see if you're there and you're not. I thought you were good to go as of yesterday punk?

You suck.

I miss ya, actually. I think I shall write you an email. Yes, yes I will.

I'm feeling really weird lately. Like every thing that comes out of my mouth sounds and feels weird. Yeah, that seems weird doesn't it? I dunno. My grad photos are next week Wed. That's insane. I dunno if I should do something conventional or rock out my fro in all its rebellious and untamed power. I'm feeling the latter. No headwraps though. I've decided against that. People are really insisting that I'm a Muslimah and I'm *really* not. Why? Just cuz I got a serious face on most of the time? Cuz I dress nicely and not like a hooch? Cuz I wear black a lot of the time? Cuz I read the Qur'an?! Cuz I go to Islamic meetings!!!


Nah, I don't go to their meetings. I've been tempted to do so though. And be like "JESUS up in THIS PIECE!!!" And I hold up my Messianic chain like a holy gangsta. *making cross signs*

(I'd get shot.)

I wish I *would* do that though! For any non-Christian group. What would they do? That'd be interesting.

Don't worry, I'm not a bible thumper. In *fact* my universalist views and beliefs are growing. I'm growing into someone very, very new, and very, very different. I will reveal her soon. As soon as she's come out of her closed-mindedness, overall fright and abounding fear of what people will think. Cuz I'm tired of caring what everyone thinks, but unfortunately, I've been socialized that way. Like the rest of humanity. (Sans Jesus.)

I got CRAZY questions I want to throw at you all. Some of you will be really annoyed. Some of you won't bother to notice. And some of you, will truly engage in thoughtful debate with me. Thank you.

My current question is this...and it's really not sacrilegious, so doooon't even come to me with that. Check it:

What if, somehow through spiritual revelation, science, a new sacred text or something combing all three...we found out that JESUS and BUDDHA were the SAME PERSON?! What if the patches and pieces of history completely messed us up, and they were indeed one person?

How would you approach that? How would you handle it? Would you change your 'label' in faith? Would you just instantly reject the notion even though it would have been PROVEN?


How this question came about, you may wonder?

Oh, just this. Captured my attention. Provoked my thought. It's amazing when you have to step out of your box to truly analyze what you've decided to put *inside* the box in the first place, get me?

Ok, I'm becoming colder, so this is my cue to sign off. Tre, I dislike you so much. lol. After all this time resisting Leela (because of the overhype on OKP) and now giving into her...I'm addicted. Especially to "Didn't I"...SCREAMS my life.

Alright everyone...upendo-ai. That is if y'all even get to READ this!


No Shalom for you!

Current e-Motions: pretty lightheaded and silly. I'm laughing for silly reasons. (I need sleep.)
Wikked Riddims: Leela James - A Change is Gonna Come - "Didn't I" wow, story of my life AND Franz Ferdinand - You Could Have It So Much Better - "The Fallen" whooooo! the lyrics, are awesome.


chosen2b4given said...

Well, there is always II Cor 11:12-15. Vv.13-14 read: “For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.”

That which is false and perverse is quite often a replica of the truth which has been contorted in some slight way. As such, there are many who would be Christ, but there is only one Christ.

The foundation of Christianity is not merely philosophies, beliefs or values, but the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus as ransom for our sin and hope of our own resurrection. Neither Buddha nor any other can boast of such acts.

Hip-Hope Sparrow said...

Keffiyehs are punk rock:


Yeshua doesn't have a round belly, silly:)

Todd said...


Well... I haven't forgotten you or your blog... even if you have forgotten me... What's up C?

Peace and Love,

jasdye said...

you know, you KNOW you're gonna get me out and fighting.

sorry, no Buddha AND Jesus. i would assume that you know about either, and enough about either that you would see that they are exclusive characters. Jesus made claims that Buddha would've never sanctioned.

Jesus told us to follow him, in his very real, very present, very bodily life, death, burial AND resurrection. on the other hand, we are told to kill a buddha so that we would not follow his/her path to enlightenment.

Jesus isn't about enlightenment - nor about becoming God-conscious, but life w/ God.

you keep adopting these phony-a** modernist/new-age belief systems into something ancient and beautiful. i just think you're more intelligent than that.

mindful said...

oh stop that nonsense... we're on the go round these parts... :-)

Kurisuteen Kaneshiro said...

"you keep adopting these phony-a** modernist/new-age belief systems into something ancient and beautiful. i just think you're more intelligent than that."

And the academy award for most insulting comment...goes to..

a) J, you don't really know what i've 'adopted' from what i've always believed from what i've held myself back from believing from what i've just started to learn and investigate. Try asking before assuming!

b)'ancient' and truth aren't always synonymous, you should know that, and I *definitely* know this.

c) Modernist and new age is not what I'm attempting to become or incorporate into my spiritual walk. I *do not* depend on labels to define my spirituality.

Try not being such a stick in the mud, J! It was just a hypothetical question.

Jennie - I appreciate your comments. Actually it was a well rounded argument, and yes the Corinthian scripture is undisputed.

Your last paragraph was the one that stuck the most, actually. And that was solid. It's true, there's an eternal hope that Yeshua announces, that the Buddha cannot and did not. Dope answer sis, thanks again.

Cliff - silliest answer lol. Thanks for the link. I have to hit up your blog, I saw this huge thing on Matisyahu the other day on TV, so I'm positive you'll have something on him soon.

Todd - I honestly don't have any harsh or ill feelings towards you. I still think you're a cool guy. I just can't deal with the drama man. I truly have enough of my own.

Tre - Well *you're* always here lol, so it's definitely not about you sis. I gotta hit up your space too, I'm sure you have something wonderful for me to read :)

chosen2b4given said...

"There will no longer be any curse; and the throne of God and of the Lamb will be in it, and His bond-servants will serve Him; they will see His face, and His name will be on their foreheads." – Rev 22:3-4

He tarries not.
C ya there, sis.

Puddleglum said...

I think Buddha and Jesus would have eaten figs together.

Puddleglum said...

okaY...back again.
FIRST. yeah, thanks ten BILLIOn for the T-O-D-A-Y card. LOL. I really appreciated it. I haven't been able to access my own computer since I'm kinda on the road for a bit. It didn't go unnoticed!

concession trailers are dope. but they sway. like reeds. so it's currently dropped off with a guy named tom for modifications.

Jesus and Buddha.
Wow Christine, I do believe you have, as Gabi says, won yourself a full scholarship to Hell.

Booga booga booga.
That's not funny, and of course, I'm kidding.

I don't know enough about Siddhartha (is that right? I got it from Keanu) to make the judgement. Although from the link u provided, I think that Buddha's stuff was kinda self-explanitory, whereas Jesus' words had meat for days...I mean, it didn't help for me to see the sayings paired like that, because I don't see them as all that similar. The obvious similarities are there, but it's like putting two black people from brooklyn together and saying, SEE! TWINS! lol

So I can't speak on the liklihood of Jesus being Buddha. Although, PLEASE remember to ask me in private how one of my upcoming script titles (i'm so paranoid) corresponds with your question. LOL

What does pique my feather is the fact that such a simple question has illicited some of the reactions it did. Granted, it's unproductive to sit around and make up what-ifs, when the real-ifs are sufficient to ponder for centuries...but I don't think that's what you were doing. If not to personality clash, I'd chalk it up to the good old flawed nature of the net.
What a tangled web we weave...

by the way "Closer" was a VERY interesting infidelity drama with very little to offer in the way of redeeming humanity, and "House of D" is magical and cute, and for ONCE in a long time, I loved the kid actor, and the 1970s depiction of New York didn't make me naseuous.

Christine, we must toast champagne one day. I'm laughing on the inside...

Kurisuteen Kaneshiro said...

*cheese grins*

*puts the champagne on ice*

We're supposed to be talking right now.

I feel too horrible to utter a coherent sentence though.

(forgive me.)