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Once again I'm convinced that Crapspace is not the place for me or my beloved ego.

Thanks, but no thanks.

This weekend one of my friends, who shall remain melanin-less, signed me up SANS my permission to That Place That Has No Name(TM), as it shall be referred to from now on.

So I'm technically on TPTHNN(TM) but I'm torn on whether to keep it and actually make it into a site where I despise all that TPTHNN is and will become, or delete it and run away without looking back, trying to scrape together what's left of my sacred Vomitspace-less livelihood.

I really like the latter.

I also discovered that one of my friends, one who I talk about more often than not on here, who happens to be a filmmaker in the making, and just moved to LA *cough*, also knows someone who's dating one of my ex's on TPTHNN.

Ok, gross.

EW is more like it.

I didn't need to know that he knew that particular person.

Not that I still have any feelings left for this particular ex, but the thought that my friend knows this person that dates my ex and they all live joyously in a wonderful-world-wide netzien community is just sickening. I'm feeling a little Uma Thurman-ish at the moment. I don't think anyone will get that reference unless they know Uma's track record with the mens.

Ahem, anyway.

Thanks, but NO THANKS.

STOP trying to recruit me into your den of evilness!!! TPTHNN will NOT swallow me whole as it has all of you. Y'all practically LIVE on there, and I'm not trying to be 'owned' as that certain melanin-less friend proclaimed I was the day he hacked my identity.

Think again, o-sucka-san.

Anyway, I didn't mean to make this into a post about TPTHNN at all. This was supposed to be about this new blog I found, about this Black dude that's doing exactly what i'll be doing in Japan. He's HILARIOUS. God willing, I either meet up with him somehow, or, make a new net-friend that'll help me out with the highs and lows that I'm sure I'll face in Nihon.

I like the name of the site too, GajinSmash, check it HERE.

And that's that. I've been an emotional wreck lately. But that's not new. Oh and I watched this Bollywood movie called 'Baghban' today that was stunning. STUN-NING. Rent it if you can. I cried for a good 2 hours of it. And no, it's not just cuz I'm a sucker. It really will have you crying. My sister aka The Rock, was in tears. That's like an impossible feat. It's film with a beautiful plot and a bittersweet ending, but it's wow. Woooow. It's exactly what love should look BE like. That's all I can say.

And I'm through. Good luck to you and yours with your Spitspace endeavours, but I, shall NOT be joining you.

Just know if you see a 'Christine' on TPTHNN(TM), who happens to be Pacific Islander at the grandiose height of 1 inch, it ain't me.

It's a creation of that dude, that lacks an amazing amount of melanin. And, wait a minute, who just up and disappeared on AIM? What the...?!

Good going, loser.

Your days are numbered.

Shalom, chaverim and Matashita.

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