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I'm hooked on Me and You and Everyone We Know.
I miss you.
I hate that chick.
I don't hate, really.
I have a big ego.
I HATE people with big ego's.
Some people are funny.
I know our friendship will never be the same.
We don't even taaaalk noooo moooore, we've run out of woooords to saaay (c) Dru Hill
He better let a sistah know.
Some things in life must end.
Lao Tsu is that stuff.
So is Angel Kyodo Williams.
I'm sorry.
I don't get people sometimes.
My workplace makes me ill.
Her poems about you SUCK SUCK SUCK.
Nothing compared to mine.
Yeah I said it.
Pretentious bleep.
Now he's writing about this stuff.
I'm jealous over the past.
I can't stand present tense nowadays.
Italy killed em.
Honking horns are blasting my eardrums.
As soon as I crossed over to my 'burb though, the silence was/is golden (thank God for Jews, seriously.)
They're gonna complain.
I'm gonna tell em to shove it.
I didn't get a raise?!?!
HAHAHAHA, peace out in 4-6 weeks, o-suckas.
Ok that one's obvious.
I'm painfully aware that I'm a nerd.
I'm also a know-it-all.
Which is painful.
Most likely you're just as annoying as I am.
I love that they're getting married.
I want to be at the wedding.
So I can laugh and cry and rejoice at good things yet to come.
Some people are meant for each other.
Krish Allah will forever be my regret.
I need to write one of my ex's.
I need to NOT write one of my ex's.
Do you know when I'm talking about you, specifically?
I figured out why women become whores.
I'm too old for it.
Loneliness isn't a curse, it's an experience...?
Live it.
Do it.
Steal it, but put it back. Then laugh at the idiocy of it.
Necessity outranks want.
Wants are never needs.
God knows what God's doing.
When will I learn to trust?
Mishlei 27:5.
Tehillim 51.
Let him please be half Black and half Japanese.
Half black and half something else.
I'm serious.
A lot of the time.
But I'm goofy.
Some people know this.
Dark features are stunning.
Curly hair.
Beautiful eyes.
Funny looking face.
He's a lot younger than me.
This time.
R. Kelly alert.
I have meteor showers on my face.
It's hormonal.
Everything's hormonal.
The destruction of the world is hormonal.
I don't fear life or death.
I fear failure.
I want to have intrinsic joy.
Let it last.
"The universe is benevolent."
I'm a bad friend to a lot of people.
Eric Benet sings my national anthem.
As does Amel Larrieux.
Maxwell is a feast to my ears (his cd needs to drop SOON).
I dream too much.
Do I want too much out of life?
Why do I desire these things?
I wish I was more logical, less emotional.
Like a robot.
Domo arigatou, Mr. Roboto.
Christine Jesperson reminds me of me.
That's narcissistic.
Who cares.
I care.
I SUCK at relationships.
They're the plague.
I want twins.
I want to be a mother.
Soon, sometimes.

I want to walk to the park with my children in my arms.
I want to smell grass.
Lawn grass, that is.
Roll in dirt.
Run through sprinklers.
Barcardi is demonic.
I don't have a drinking problem.
I could.
There's a lot you don't know about me.
No clue.
There's a slight depression looming.
Contentment is a good cover.
I ache.
I wish I could say it.
I love you.
And admit it to Me.
And You.
And Everyone

Shalom, chaverim and Matashita.

Current e-Motions: *sigh* one step at a time. Just breathe... (c) Telepopmusik
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jasdye said...

"I love that they're getting married.
I want to be at the wedding.
So I can laugh and cry and rejoice at good things yet to come.
Some people are meant for each other."

awww, shucks.

we'll claim it.

Kurisuteen Kaneshiro said...

heheheee...it's truuuuue! :)

im glad you commented.

i hate making posts like this, because nooo one ever comments. it's like people get scared when i get too personal.


jasdye said...

i feel the same way about my long posts, esp. my essays. i doubt anyone ever actually reads them. o well.