|The Myspace Survey I'll NEVER Have on Myspace|

The Ultimate MySpace Survey
General Questions
What Is Your Full Name?:Christine Emelia Barnes
How Old Are You?:23
When Is Your Birthday?:November 25th
Where Were You Born?:Torontooooooooooooo...actually North York, which is like a Toronto 'burb.
What Color are Your Eyes?:Dark Brown
What Color Is Your Hair?:Dark Brown with Burgundy ends, my hair and color grew out.
How Tall are You?:5'6 and a HALF.
What Is Your Favorite Personal Physical Feature?:my toenails. no seriously, my toes are gorgeous.
How Many Siblings Do You Have?:1 full sis, 1 half bro I consider my full bro, and another estranged sis that I don't consider family.
What Is Your Favorite Kind Of Music?:Roooooock...ummm, sorta. I like EVERYTHING, but...
What Is Your Least Favorite Kind Of Music?:as I was saying above, everything but commercial music. Ick.
Who Is Your Favorite Artist/Band?:COLDPLAAAYYYYYY, but now contested by Broken Social Scene, Metric, Stars and The Most Serene Republic.
Do You Wish You Had Some Sort Of Music Talent?:I DO have musical talent, thank ya very much.
Do You Play An Instrument?:I AM the instrument.
Do You Like To Sing?:Not in public.
Do You Like To Sing In The Shower?:Yes, but when I know folks are home I try to sing quietly.
What Is Your Favorite Type Of Movie?:Indie
What Is Your Favorite Movie?:Currently? Me You and Everyone We Know
Who Is Your Favorite Actress/Actor?:hmmm...right now, Takeshi Kaneshiro is that stuff.
Do You Think Movie Stars Should Make Less Money?:Some of them do, the ones in INDIE films.
What Are Your Favorite Sports?:To play: Volleyball, Badminton (for real! lol) TO watch: Basketball, Hockey and a lil Soccer, oh yeah and the CFL!
Who Are Your Favorite Teams?:Too many to name.
Do You Enjoy Going To Live Sporting Events?:Hecks yeah.
Do You Play Any High School Sports?:I played volleyball for a while, badminton too, but quit both.
The Party Life
Have You Ever Gotten Drunk Before?:yes.
Do You Like To Attend Parties For Fun?:no, i hate people in large quantities.
Do You Do Drugs?:nah.
Have You Ever Tried Drugs?:well...there was this time in Jamaica...
Have You Ever Drank For Fun?:yup.
What Is The Best Thing About A Party?:leaving.
Do You Have Any Tattoos?:nope.
Do You Have Any Piercings?:will soon.
Do You Want More Tattoos/Piercings? Which ones?:I want an eyebrow ring, I've always been fascinated by em.
Do You Attend Church/Temple/Moske?:What's a 'moske'? lol. I go to a sorta kinda temple-church.
What Religion Are You?:I guess I'm Messianic on paper, but I DEFINITELY incorporate teachings from other faiths too.
How Committed Are You?:I'm committed to God, not 'religion'.
Are You Saved?:I'd like to think so. lol.
Do You Read The Bible/Torah/Koran Daily?:Daily? Nah...I should though.
How Often Do You Pray?:Every time I breathe. Literally.
Are You Into Fixing Up Cars/Trucks?:Nah, booooring.
What Kind Of Vehicle(S) Do You Have?:none.
What Is Your Dream Machine?:Oh I love VW's. And ummm Audi's.
Video Games
Do You Play Video Games?:Yuppers.
How Many Hours A Day Do You Play Video Games?:Not everyday anymore.
Have You Ever Played A Video Game So Long You Forget To Eat?:HECK YEAH, TEKKEN 5 CHAMPIONSHIPS BABY!!! That takes all day.
What Is Your Favorite Game?:Tekken (all), Soul Caliber (all), Mario Kart (all), Prince of Persia (all)
What Is Your Favorite Game Type?:Ummm...something where I can beat people up.
What Game Are You Most Excited For In The Future?:TEKKEN SIX SON!
Xbox 360 Or PS3?:PS3...I'm loyal to Playstation.
Do You Like Shopping?:YES YES and MORE YES.
What Is Your Least Favorite Kind Of Shopping?:Domestic shopping, like for Glade plugins or hand towels or something.
How Many Times A Month Do You Go Clothes Shopping?:I STAY clothes shopping.
What Are Your Favorite Things To Shop For?:Clothes and food.
How Many Pairs Of Sunglasses Have You Bought?:Maybe like 6 in my lifetime. Sunglasses are for divas. lol.
How Many Sandals Do You Own?:A whole lot.
Hottest:I'm sure if I had a hot friend, we'd be dating. lol.
Smartest:Adam and Beth.
Dumbest:Don't hang with the slow folk, save for Greg.
Religious:Rich aka Ricooooo, he's so holified. Too much, imho.
Athletic:Manfred and Greg
Nicest:All of em.
Meanest:All of em.
Concieded:it's conceited, dummy. And uhhhh...probably Carlos.
Craziest:As in for real crazy? = Krish
Funniest:Migs and Matthew
What Is Your Favorite Kind Of Food?:Chewable.
Starbucks or Jamba?:The 'bucks.
What Is Your Favorite Meal?:Salmon, wild rice with mushroom soup mixed into the rice, and a baked potato with sour cream and chives, mmmmm.
Do You Like Fish?:YES.
Are You A Healthy Eater?:For the last year and a few months, heck yes.
Cookie Dough Or Oreo Ice Cream?:Cookie dough has less fat, believe it or not.
Do You Call it Soda Or Pop?:Pop, SON. Soda is for Americans. lol.
What is Your Favorite Soda?:My favourite POP is...Sprite. You just can't go wrong with it.
What is Your Favorite Alcoholic Drink?:DISARONNO AMARETTO. In just about anything.
What Is Your Favorite Kind Of Desert?:Used to be: Choclate swirl cheescake with cookie crumbs.
What Does Your Dream Relationship Consist Of?:*sigh* Openness, freedom, spiritual connection, passion, common goals and dreams.
What Is The Most Important Thing In A Relationship?:Trust. And it takes A LOT for me to COMPLETELY trust a guy.
What Is Your Dream Date?:You mean when? Whenever Jeff decides to call me...
Do You Believe in Abstenence Until Marriage?:Ehhh, it's IDEAL aint it? lol.
Does Your Mate Need To Be Taller Than You?:YES please Lord YES.
How Long Would You Wait To Kiss After Meeting Someone?:I'd kiss em the same day! lol.
How Soon Do You Want To Get Married?:I'm not sure, my feelings fluctuate.
How Many Children Do You Want To Have?:Depends how rich I am, if I'm REALLY rich, then just 1. But if I'm so-so rich then 2 or MAX 3.
How Long Would You Walk To Find Your True Love?:Forever.
Do You Believe in True Love?:Sometimes.
Have You Ever Been in Love?:Too many times.
Last General Information
What You Like to Do for Fun?:I DONT KNOW ANYMORE! Do surveys. lol.
What Size Shoes Do You Wear?:hahahahaaa...
Do You Like Animals?:I love animals.
Are You A Good Student?:I used to be.
What Do You Do For a Living?:Stinking Sales Associate and newly hired ENGRISH TEACHER.
Do You Like Your Job?:I hate the present one, can't WAIT for the new one.
If You Had One Wish, What Would That Wish Be?:To NOT work at my present job.
Do You Love Your Family?:Of course.
What Do You Think is the Most Important Thing in Life?:Truth.
What Do You Think About When You're Alone?:The state of the world and my future in it.
What Do You Dream About?:Fanciful, fanatical and insane things that cannot be described.
What Do You Fear the Most?:Failure.
What is Your Most Missed Memory?:The entire year 2000.
Are You the Trustworthy Type?:I can be if I want.
Do You Like Poetry? If So, Who's Your Favorite Poet?:I sometimes do poetry. My favourite poet: Aime Cesaire.
What is the Best Way in Which You Express Yourself?:Writing, duh.
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jasdye said...


1) i'm your nerdiest friend? (well, at least i'm not technically your geekiest friend. *snort, snort*)

2) you're finna be an english teacher? wow. try saying this wif me, 'me fail english? that's unpossible.'

3) you dislike commercial music, but your favorite musical act is flippin' Coldplay?!? yeah, that isn't contradictory. even U2 knows that they're a pop band.

Kurisuteen Kaneshiro said...

Coldplay isn't commercial by choice. I loved Coldplay WAY WAY WAY (I found out about em like circa '97/98) before their North American hype, so I'm most definitely exempt from their mainstream pop fanbase. THANKS. You can be so presumptuous sometimes.

Which is why you're definitely my nerdiest friend. lol. So Napolean like.

And yeah, I'm gonna teach Engrish to a bunch of Nihonji, can't wait. I'll do a big post about it soon.

jasdye said...

napoleon dynamite is one of my favorite movies. i admit it. i enjoy it. it still makes me laugh so flippin' hard.

so does office space, even though i don't relate to much of it. (jennie saw it for the first time last night at a friend's backyard party. she LOVES it. hasn't seen ND yet, though.)

nobody accidently becomes a pop act (possible exception, curt kobain). btw, i don't think being a pop act (meaning popular or better yet, accessible) is such a bad thing. it's not the same as selling out. there's just a few really good acts out there that managed to get exposure. i don't begrudge coldplay for that. i just think they're pretentious.


oh, i would love to invite you to our wedding. it's just i don't when it'll be and it'll most likely be small. stay tuned, though.