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Okay honestly, though Nakata-san is beautiful and all...

That's about all he has going on. I mean he's not even a FIFA/futbol player anymore, sooo what else is there for me to pay attention to? Now I ain't saying I'm a gold digger...but he bores me now. He's probably BORING anyway, lol. Good looking guys usually are.

Yeah, so he probably only talks about soccer. And I'll only understand 2 sentences in each of our conversations. Plus, he's liable to cheat with this chick:

Y'all know who THAT is, at least. If not, regardez ici.

All in all, I annul our pseudo-marriage.

Hidetoshi and I are no more = Kurisuteen Nakata.

Bai-bai, o-sucka-san.

I now give you, Kurisuteen KANESHIRO...(thanks to YouTube).






I'll cough out a lung and y'all still won't get the picture! (ha, irony).

Takeshi Kaneshiro
is the man, like I've said before.

Dude speaks Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, all fluently AND ENGRISH.

(parte un)

(parte deux)

And I mean Eigoga cho berigu (pretty well spoken English) too for an ESL learner! Boooo, he went to GEOS though to learn Engrish, a competitor against MY GAKKOO. Anyway, yeah and he sings. And he plays piano effortlessly. And he's passionate and artistic. And he's funny. And he's still partially Japanese...

...and wild animals come to him freely with little to no hesitation...?!?!

What the...? He's an ANGEL. Apparently, for real:

(screenshot from his movie, Lavender)

And his eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyes...they are what get me everytime.

Takeshi is...captivating. Dang near poetic. And I have a MUCH greater chance of meeting him. Much, much, much. He's in Nihon A LOT. hehehehe. And if anything, I'll just fly over to Hong Kong or whatever and stalk find him.

Back up Nakata. I got a new shujin now, arigatou gozaimasu.

Plus, Takeshi's 5'10/5'11". And Hide's as tall as me...?! = pass.

HAHAHAHA and Jason's post for me is super kawaii. Thanks J!!! I'll comment on it riiight abooout, now.

Shalom, chaverim and Matashita.

Japanese Word of the Day:

Current e-Motions: Ureshii desu that I'm off for two days in a row! And I got more documentation from Japan todaaaaaaaay, I NOW HAVE AN ADDRESS IN OSAKAAAAAAAAAA!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!
Wikked Riddims: Fergie - The Dutchess - London Bridges ...yeah, you read that correctly. DOPENESS. Now DL it, if your ears can take it.

PS. Hoooold up, ummm...anyone wanna get this for me? He may be my ex and all but daaaang, this would entertaining, this is when he played in the Italian futbol league(s):


jasdye said...

sometimes you dig on people, rudegirl... (i.e., your 'boring' friend on myspace)

heck, if i didn't have jennie and had a ice cube's chance in hell, i'd probably go out with ziyi, too. but, that's neither here nor there.

Kurisuteen Kaneshiro said...

Awww don't make me feel bad! Come on that's Matthew, EVERYONE's supposed to make fun of him! And I know I tend to dig on you too, but those are purely love taps, my dear friend :)

Ziyi is a stunning lady, though. But she needs to BACK UP offa my dude...or my ex dude, rather. I'll fight her!!! And then you can visit me in the hospital afterwards.

solitaire said...

Ziyi is one heck of an actress, I ain't mad at her.

I don't know this dude... I'm not into those of the Asian persuasion. Yes, I can admit when a dude is good looking but this ain't one of them times. :) I just like bruhs, thanks. HA!

I don't get it...are you in Japan yet? Are you GOING? You haven't emailed me in ages. WHAT!

Kurisuteen Kaneshiro said...

lol @ Souli, you kill me.

One day you'll be 'equal opportunity', you just wait! I used to be juuust like you, trust sis.

And no I'm not in Japan just yet. I'll be there in November. Ummm check out my post HERE, this explains more or less everything. And you dang right I haven't emailed you in a looong time! My bad :( Things are craaaazy, lemme tell you. But I'll make sure I e-holla soon :)