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Firstly, you know the Dashboard page where you click the lil plus sign that allows you to post entries? And beside it how you can click and see your umm profile or whatever? Well I wasn't really paying attention and I was just about to click the plus sign to do an entry and the picture of my shujin in my profile completely caught me off guard. He is so dang beautiful! I'm sorry. I'm a Hidetoshi Nakata 'Stan' right now. It's official. Word is, since he's retired, he's gonna start some kind of futbol player management business in NY!!! Ahhhhhhh! I'll be moving to NY then...? Ewww, actually, on second thought...nevermind.

Ok, parable time. I'm gonna try and make it up on the spot so be patient with me:

Say there's this girl you knew named Candi that had a child with some dude she's known for a long time, a little over 6 years. Let's call him Shawn. Despite their minor differences, Candi and Shawn still manage to have a very wonderful friendship, and though they're not together they manage to nurse, support and maintain a family-ship of sorts that provides their child with love, nourishment and utmost care.

Then say one day an old flame of Shawn's pops up into his life out of noooowhere. Let's call her Katrina, and yes I picked that name purposely because of its recent connotations. At first Shawn was like 'man Katrina looks GOOD, but you know what, I'm happy doing my thing, maintaining a family unit with Candi and our 6 year old child, I'm not even gonna pay her any attention...' Which is great right? Shawn has his head on straight, finally. Candi knows he tends to get a little airheaded when it comes to pretty faces, but she knows that no matter what he's still gonna prioritize his family and his child. Then one day Candi finds out that Shawn has been talking to Katrina incessantly, and Shawn admits that yeah he sorta-kinda has an attraction to Katrina, but he swears that his family is still first and foremost...ok, cool.

Later on, Candi comes to find out that Shawn really has intense feelings for Katrina, and though he's trying to self preserve himself by staying away from other females, he feels like Katrina is someone worthy of affection. And though he claims he's still doing his part by keeping his family together, it seems like the 6 year old child they have, is lacking a good amount of attention. It almost seems that Shawn has forgotten the blood, sweat and tears that went into rearing this wonderful 6 year old child. And Candi knows Katrina's selfish motives, will be to rip Shawn away from the family unit entirely, if she gets her way. After all, she is a natural disaster *cough*in Juicy Couture*cough*.

So what is Candi to do in this situation? Does she let Shawn get deeper and deeper into Katrina until he looses sight in the VALUE of their 6 year old child? Is it fair that Candi seems to get passed over and left behind, just because Katrina in all her flaming glory decides to come back into Shawn's life? Isn't Shawn losing sight on who his affections REALLY should be for in this case? Why did he feel the need to entertain Katrina, when he knows what a disaster she's been in the past? (You see Katrina caused Shawn a lot of heartache, she was responsible for the loss of some of his emotional stability and she took a lot of belongings from him that weren't hers in the first place...etc etc.) What the heck is wrong with Candi? And where does this new involvement with Katrina leave the child? Should Candi just pack up herself and her child and move the heck on?

If anyone has any answers let me know.

Interesting story, isn't it? If y'all only knew...

Shalom, chaverim and Matashita.

Japanese Word of the Day:

Kono densha wa konde imasu.

Trans. lit. "The train is crowded."

Boy oh boy, is it.

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jasdye said...

you have a six year old??

no, seriously, i think this is why marriage is so important and should be kept sacred. if 'candi' and 'shawn' really felt that way about each other and really want to do right to their child, they should do all that they can to stabilize their priority as a family, right? in other words, if they're friends, they're friends, with few strings attached. then candi would have little reason to be jealous because shawn doesn't belong to her and she doesn't belong to shawn. so it's not clear what their relationship is b/c they haven't made it clear.

i think that needs to be a priority in every relationship - where are we? where are we heading? where do we see ourselves down the pipe? is this what you want? is this what i want?

otherwise, you leave room for the devil, or hurricanes.

not to suggest that even marriage doesn't have its struggles/temptations/breakdowns, etc. but at least in that the footing is clear (or should be clear): this is a sacred relationship and there is no room for another guy/girl in your affections - unless that guy/girl happens to be the children, which is an extension of the father and mother's love of each other.

the preacher.

Kurisuteen Kaneshiro said...

Preach on, preacha.

Some very harsh truths (I can always count on you to give me the rawness).

Arigatou, kozaku.

Kurisuteen Kaneshiro said...

Grrrrr, why is my name still 'nakata'. I divorced that fool!

jasdye said...

domo arigatou.