| Know Your Role. |

I can write verse out the dome
before it hits the lips and
spews out the mouth
in hymns...
I can blast society in
pen strokes and keynotes
and edit for black conscious folk/
sites that write about
the disapora in diversity...
I can
speak quintuplets in language
and bandage your wounds
by cussing you out in one
and saving your ego in the next
without breaking a sweat --
and that's cuz I'm
Always there for
stimulating conversation
but never igniting
admiration of
some physical appreciation
'she's too deep to even
notice that'...
I say think again.
Girls that drown in books
often drown in tears
when their beds are empty
and their friends
and leave them for
the swaggering hips
and flowing hair
that seems to
swing in the air.
Air heads who do their duty
enticing savory eyes
sucking sore for candy and
diabetics in
vision needing
an insulin fix
of pretty,
dumb in the end

the intellectual.
i'm too deep for that.
Better if I write
a poem than
express these thoughts over the phone,

Just thought I'd lay it out
on the line...
minus the dialtone.

(c) Revolt 2k6

Shalom, chaverim and Oyasumi nasai.

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jasdye said...

hey, the intellectual has an emotional - and sometimes sad - side.

yeah, stay off the sugary. it'll kill.

Kurisuteen Kaneshiro said...

Indeed, the life of an intellect is vicissitudinary. blah. I was pissed when I wrote that. lol. I'm good now though, thank God. :)

I keep having design ideas for Jennie's wedding dress!!! lol. Whoooooooooooo!

jasdye said...

share 'em?

from thefreedictionary.com:
vi·cis·si·tude Pronunciation (v-ss-td, -tyd)
a. A change or variation.
b. The quality of being changeable; mutability.
2. One of the sudden or unexpected changes or shifts often encountered in one's life, activities, or surroundings. Often used in the plural.

right. remember, unlike yourself, i was an english teaching major. and as the saying goes, "those who can't english, teach."