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Leave it to York University. Oh yes, only York U could pull off a STRIKE in my last year of school.
I'm remaining calm though. I'm staying focused. Yes, I'm still procrastinating - successfully. I'm going to act like everything is normal, until I see the first picketer. And if I see him/her I will throw rocks. Tons and tons of em until my arm gets weak...then I'll start kicking rocks. I am so not joking.

Stupid TA's (Teaching Assistants aka Masters candidates who need flexible part-time gigs). Ooooo 'my graduate tuition is so high'...ohhhhh 'they don't pay me enough to babysit their stinky classes'...waaaaa 'I work too many hours during the week'. Boo freakin hoo. I don't CARE! No one MADE you become a TA in the first place, that was a choice you made, fully knowing the craptastical terms of the contract(s), the weak arse union you chose to be apart of, and you STILL signed up anyway. Deal with it. Why must undergrads pay for your silly mistakes? Why do WE have to miss out on OUR classes, tests, exams, audits and final grades just because you finally had sense to realize you've been duped by Faculty and the government all this time?

That stuff IRRITATES ME. Grrrrrr!!! You have no idea. And yeah if I was a freshman, sophmore or heck even a junior I'd be like 'yaaaaay, no classes!', no doubt. But this is not the case. This is do or die year for me. Things HAVE to go my way. I have big plans riding on my graduation - as a few of you whom I've chosen to tell - know. There's no way I can have any more delays. I've delayed myself enough as it is.

*siiiiiiigh* That's been weighing on me all weekend. The undergrads will find out the TA strike verdict in November, which isn't all that far away now that I think about it. And let's not even mention the 2 other assignments I have to do and haven't blinked at yet...hee hee, that's my fault though. I blame that on my purchase of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (why is it that everything in this flick looks EXACTLY the way I imagined it in my mind when I read the book? It's either I'm insane or a creative genius...hmmm, probably both).

Grrrrr! And then this huge monsteriffic bug decided to make its multi-legged presence known on my bedroom ceiling about 10 minutes ago. I had to get my dad to remove it, seriously. I was paralyzed by its gargantuan proportions.

And that all leads to my final grumbling = the winter. Oh yes, the winter is fast approaching. That's why there's centipedes taking residence in my house to keep warm. That's why when I go to an early class @ 8am, I have to wear a winter coat WITH a scarf and gloves. That's why I'm sitting in my house right now, banging away on these keys and my fingers are FREEZING. This is when 'let out my fro-curls to play' Christine, turns into 'I wear bohofarian headwraps at all times to keep my head warm' Christine.

I love Toronto. Truly I do, this is my home. I love our seasons. No other place on this planet gets snow, rain, sunshine, heatwaves, hurricane breezes and hail, all in the same day. Toronto provides variety, but gotdang man, why must our winters be so draining? And you know what, it's not even the winter, it's the fall. Autumn is the most dreary and depressing season in the world, even though the trees are absolutely stunning, por ejemplo:

So yeah. Those are my Canadian rants. Hahahaa, why did the Mounties call my store today? That was hilarious. "Hello there, this is Constable blah blah from the Royal Canadian Mountain Police..." Don't ask me what they called for, my manager took the call afterward. I just thought it was funny.

Um...what else was I gonna say. Oh yeah...I dunno if y'all noticed, but when I bold out certain words in my posts, more often than not there's a link accompanying it. i.e. with 'Wabi Sabi', if you move your mouse over the bolded words, it'll form a lil red box surrounding the word, thus leading to an article, picture, site etc. But I've decided to make my links bolded red from now on, so no worries.

Annnnd, that's all folks.

Shalom, chaverim.

Hebrew Word of the Day:

Refuah Shlemah

(re-FOO-ah she-lay-MAH) phr. “Get well soon,” “A complete healing,” “A speedy recovery!”
Also transliterated as “refuah sh’lemah.”

Current e-Motions: pretty good...I'm freezing, but I'm cool, har har, no pun inteded.
Today's Riddims: (Leslie) Feist - Let It Die - "Inside and Out"


jasdye said...

the chi's the same way, though. it's cold again today.

someday i'll become a ta. an old one, but a ta nonetheless.

mindful said...

now that's some beautiful scenery :-)