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It was so funny to see Luda on Oprah today. He looked nervous as heck on that stage! Luda and the rest of the main cast of the film Crash were on Ope today, and she based her show on society's views of/on racism. And yeah, nothing new. Conclusion: most people are racist and/or prejudiced to some degree. Blame it on socialization, media, upbringing, lack of cultural/ethnic respect, exposure and understanding (read: ignorance) or various negative experiences, most of us, at some time in our lives will and do discriminate. Badly. We succumb to stereotypes pretty easily too. What can I say, we human beings are marred down to our DNA.

Anyway, by no means am I excusing racism, or violence that's perpetuated because of it. But I realized that this social issue isn't gonna be solved overnight. Terrence Howard *swoooooon* completely captivated the audience, I mean literally mesmerized EVERYONE with his nightmare of a story of violence and racism that happened to his father, and even his own experience getting arrested because of his alleged assault on some flight attendant. PLEASE. I was ticked reading about that on IMDB, because I knew the accusation was completely sensationalized and fueled by blatant racism. But yeah, the two stories he told had me close to tears. People in the audience were crying too.

Then the N word debate got started. Ahhh, the favorite. "Whites can't use it, but Blacks (and Latins, depending on who you talk to) can." "It depends on how you say it or spell it, with a 'er' or an 'a' at the end." Blah blah blah. I dunno. I couldn't care less about all the specifications, really. I use it very, very rarely. And when I do it's cuz I'm acting ignorant on purpose. Pero, I do believe people have the power to valorize words, and that one shouldn't allow a traditional definition of a word dictate to them what it should and shouldn't mean to them personally and presently. I guess that's just the neosocialist in me.

Then Luda got attacked a bit, by his constant use of the N word in his music. And then Sandra Bullock lashed out (indirectly) on how 'bitch' and 'ho' needs to not be apart of (his) music anymore. Then that ni-- I mean Luda--had the nerve to say that there are actually 'real people' who are indeed 'bitches and hoes, that exist.' And the good ole 'when women stop calling each other that, then maybe I'll do the same' crap. Whatever Luda. You want just want your freakin CD's to sell, and for your askari fan base to remain loyal to you. It's amazing to me how he'd take the time to see another light on how one could use or not use the N word, but when it came to women's rights and self-respect, he was unflinching with his views. PLEASE, again.

He kinda does seem like the chauvinist type though. *shrugs*

Anyway, I didn't feel like anything got resolved on the show (thus, when I realized this can't be tackled overnight). And my mom pointed out to me today that Ope's shows never quite offer resolution, but rather are a catalyst to worldwide debate(s)/discussions. And that's great, it really is. However, isn't time we stop yapping and actually get something DONE about these issues? I dunno, that's just my opinion. We can sing about revolution forever, but if nobody's moving, nothing will ever progress.

Meh. I should've been in class. lol. I ended up staying home talking with my mom. Sometimes I forget how cool she is. Some days we're at serious odds, but mostly, she's my best fwend.

Did I mention that Terrence Howard looked scrumptious on Ope? Whooooo...looked just like how I remember him, all of 5 years ago chasing him around downtown lol.


Anyway that's it for now. I was gonna write something about ANTM's episode last night, but nevermind. ANTM's gettin a lil too sketelish nowadays. "Miss" J is gonna drive me mad, and Jay Manuel is too pretty to be a man. Lord knows I'm gonna have to deal with much more when I get into the fashion biz.

Shalom, chaverim.

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soli said...

Hey girl... I was at the hairdresser when they were watching Ope.
I saw Luda and yes, he did look nervous on stage. Glad you caught that.

And I've always loved Sandra Bullock. Was watching Miss Congeniality 2 (yeah, I bought it! I have both of 'em! LOL) because I love Sandra. And her in this role...a SERIOUS one...was great. Just great. She's an amazing actress.

I'm glad she ripped into Luda about his lyrics. SOMEBODY had to. And remember what I emailed you about? It takes a white woman to get folks to tell others that these lyrics are horrible...TOWARDS BLACK WOMEN. I'm not knocking white women...hell, I commend them for saying what they're saying. Lord knows *I*, as a Black woman, should have filed complaints about the music already. I'm one voice, but there are thousands who echo me.

Anyway my site is now down... I'll tell you the full story later. But you can remove it from your links. I'm very, very upset about the whole ordeal but I guess it had to be done.
I guess.

soli said...

Oh yeah, and I CAN'T STAND Terence Howard. I'm the only Black woman in the world that doesn't.

I'm surprised you didn't hear his comments about the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

He won't be so fine once you go over those!

soli said...

Gah. I can't erase the comments. What I meant to say is that I'm the only Black woman on earth who thinks Terence Howard is not attractive. Give me chocolate anyday! Hello, Morris Chestnut, Idris Elba!

Timi said...

Terrence Howard always looks high and his hair turns me off. lol...Now...Idris Elba...Scrumptious! lol

Anyways...send me your address so I can send you the Kirk Franklin CD that nobody else wants. lol

jasdye said...

i'm gonna see "the gospel" in like half an hour.

i was listening to "the rebirth of" this morning before i had to shut off the radio 'cuz the kids were acting the fool. i swear, this racism stuff comes out around music. (what's with that mexican stuff? what's with that or that?)

Me said...

Hey I think Terrence Howard is cute too, so you're not alone. I mean look at those eyes. Haha.

Anyway that episode was really good and I am glad I was able to see it. I almost forgot and missed it.

I don't believe racism will ever stop. How can it when there is evil still in the world? It's like trying to stop murder or people from wanting to steal. Only in a perfect world.

Kurisuteen Kaneshiro said...

Booooo @ Souli and Timi. Come on, the man's beeauuuutiful! LMBO @ Timi 'he looks high all the time'...don't hate the man cuz his eyes are light and glisteny lol. He's really dashing in person, trust me. Thanks for being down with the realness Gabi lol. Idris Elba is aaaiiiighhht. Morris Chestnut = YES. I also have a thing for Djimon Hounsou. Shoooot, I got a LIST.

Souli, I need to know what he said about the Katrina victims. I SWEAR if it was some ignorant faut I'll be vex beyond belief. Also, I was happy to see Sandra rip into Luda like that. Yup, I thought about your email when I saw it too lol. She really is a great actress though.

As for your blog sis, I dang near lost my mind looking for it. I was praying something was wrong with my comp. I'm sooo sorry you lost your blog. They become our own little literary babies, ya know. Let me know what went down, when ya can.

Jayce (I'm so gonna start calling you that now, hee hee) you have to tell me how The Gospel was. I just can't see Boris Kudjoe pulling that role off, but hey I could be wrong. And yeah, the music is spewing with all kinds of racial garbage. I'm sure there's lil kids out there who think Harajuku girls are their own lil Asian race.

jasdye said...

what a bunch of girls!

jasdye said...

hey, how do i reset this thing? i can't get it to go back to the main page.

minimalism, my arsenal!