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RIP Rosa Parks. Yes, I'm late. I'm slow too. I saw the memorial for her on my homepage a couple days ago, and it didn't click to me that she had passed. Yeah, color me challenged.

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Is it wrong that I'm still mad at her for suing Outkast a couple years back?

Oh well.

Um, I will be going on a blogwide tour this weekend. I have a few essays to do and a test to study for, and once I get all of that in order I'll be back to regular blogging. Commenting on blogs is more fun anyway. Yes Todd, you're first on my list mon ami. And Souli, I need to write you another long-as-AJ's-face email soon. And Jason, I'm still mad at you.

Oh and it gets better!

The strike at school is almost imminent now. Grrrrrr!!! The good news is, it'll only last for 2 weeks or so. Bad news, you can never predict what'll happen. This is what it looked like last time York had a strike, thank God I wasn't there yet:


Otherwise, I'm doing so very well. I got a test back today that I took in late Sept. and I aced it. Didn't expect that. The prof for this particular class is no push over: only 3 people including myself got A's. And he announced it in lecture. That's just mean. lol, it's funny though.

Um, um, that's it. Oh yeah I went to this impromptu book reading/book launch last week Thurs. That was great. I have a few snaps I took that night that I'll put up here soon. Actually I have tons o' random pics I've been taking with my cellcam that I'll put up just cuz I wanna. Ummm...I've been having THE weirdest dreams involving the most unexpected people. I just don't know what to make of them. I've just been feeling this pregnant air around me lately, like something bigger than life is about to take place. I dunno. Maybe my birthday? *sobs* I don't wanna turn 23 *bawls* Lawd Geezus, mi cyan tek it!

Ahem, yeah. I'll be fine. That's Novermber 25th, for you miscreants who can't remember.

Oh yeah, I'm going to see the surgeon to set a date for my blasted surgery. I forgot to mention this. Nov 2nd is the date, and I dread it. If anyone has any questions re: my surgery, please email me about it. Thanks.

Despite that, I'm super hot looking lately - cuz I've been making jewelry, and it's dope. Debating on selling it, but that's tacky. Anyway, that's for another post which probably won't happen.

Shalom, chaverim.

Hebrew Word of the Day:


(layv / le-vahv) n. Heart; core; center. In Hebrew there are two terms for heart, lev and levav. The extra bet (which can mean “without”) in levav is said to allude to the way of the evil inclination, which should be avoided, leaving lev – the good heart.

Current e-Motions: I wanna write for DOSE, I wanna write for DOSE!
Today's Riddims: Robin Thicke fka Thicke - A Beautiful World - "Cherry Blue Skies"

PS. What the expletive is this!
I saw this on BGLU and dang near fell out. High-larious.


jasdye said...

what, they don't have newspapers in canada?

no, i found out, when, monday morning or tuesday? it was kinda spooky 'cuz the day before, in my class, i read to them from a memorial on emmett till. and then the next day, this icon dies.

the sad part is, some of my students asked just a couple weeks ago if she was still alive. i didn't know.

jasdye said...

btw, i know you're still angry with me. silent treatment, right?

that ain't stopping me from talking to you, headwrap.

Not Your Average Jane said...

Blah. Hopefully the strike ends soon.
Awesome to hear you're doing good in school. :-D

23 is great! After a month and 19 days I should know. :-P What special plans do you have?

I want some of your jewelry. Really. I do.

Hey guess what? I'll give you a few minutes....

I want to learn Hebrew! Yay. I plan on finding out where I can do that that after graduation.

Todd said...

I'm first on the list! *does a little dance* :)

solitaire said...

That link to the Holy Ghost t-shirt thing was just... .SOMETHING ELSE. LMAO!! I did have a laugh at it. Man, there are other ways to show the world that you have the Spirit of Christ in you. Goodness gracious.
Anyway sis I was wondering where your long response was. HA HA HA @ AJ. hahaha

Timi said...

I'm so mad at those holy ghost tees...that's so...so...borderline self-righteous...but comical none-the-less