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Um, just click the title.

I'm not even gonna say anything else man.

LOL, and you know 2 Quarters did NOT write that well written, gramatically correct article right? And they tried to make it 'gangster' with token words like 'aint' and 'cats' and 'hood.'

Who are they trying to fool?

I can't even log onto my homepage without seeing this dude's mug all up in my face. Ugh.


Shalom, chaverim.

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Simchat Torah

Current e-Motions: annoyed by this article...otherwise, I'm doing quite well.
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Not Your Average Jane said...

May God save his poor lost soul. Seriously. I believe God does have a plan for his life, but it's not going to happen with the way he's living it. It's crazy though, because some of what he said is true. I was sitting there reading thinking, "he can't be this eloquent." lmbo. All I know is dude better stop playing games with God. HELLO! You've been SHOT NINE times! Wake up already! Get serious! Cats only have 9 lives. :-P

Todd said...

I have to concur with the previous commenter. I thought that thing was totally crazy. I didn't know what to think at the time.

Oh C, I miss you Sister! Fo REALLY Real! I never hear from you anymore!


solitaire said...

I totally agree with Jane. If he's so grateful, he'll stop poisioning the minds of our young Black youth and live for God.

But these fool rappers know God doesn't pay, even though He's the one blessing them with all that cash to buy "ice".
And while you opened the door, I'ma walk through it. What's up with Mase? God not good enough for him?? He's back to a foul-mouthed life. Saved...okay then, buddy.

God bless them all.

jasdye said...

i'm not reading the danged fiddy crap.

but, someone hit a nerve with that ma$e comment. i don't know what happened to him recently, but i do know that shortly after his conversion, he dropped out of the music biz. good thing. solidify himself in the Lord and all, right?

and then he goes to business school. nothing wrong with that, right? you can be a business man/woman for Christ. it was a bit of a distraction for someone who's supposed to be studying God, though, right?

ok. and then comes word that he's doing some preaching. in front of loads of people. a year after his conversion.


i ain't tryin' to get all preachy, but honestly, we give celebs the mic and we listen to anybull that comes out of there mouths cuz they celebs?


this thing too long.

welcome back to what?


jasdye said...

ok. i did read the article.

not really surprised by anything in there. the man's a celebrity, with an image to protect. he's no more or less eloquent than many of the young black men (many of whom are hustlers) that i run across on a regular basis. his image says 'big dummy,' but that doesn't have to be who he is.

as far as the 'church' and 'God' stuff, that's the legacies being left on the streets. it's not truth, it won't set him or anybody else free, but it's what's being taken for truth: the church is ok, but it ain't relevant. it's a lie from the devil.