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Your Superhero Profile

Your Superhero Name is The Super Wonder
Your Superpower is Accessorizing
Your Weakness is Ice
Your Weapon is Your Magic Catapult
Your Mode of Transportation is Unicycle

Accessorizing?! How on POINT is that? hahaha.

You Failed the US Citizenship Test

Oops, you only got 2 out of 10 right!

HAHAHAA, 2 out of 10!!! That's horrible. Oh well. I don't care about y'all and your stinky country.

You Should Learn Japanese

You're cutting edge, and you are ready to delve into wacky Japanese culture.
From Engrish to eating contests, you're born to be a crazy gaijin. Saiko!

Niiiiice, I answered honestly in this one too. Dope.

So it's only right that...

Your Japanese Name Is...

Chika Tokudaiji

Ja mata ashita!

1 comment:

jasdye said...

uh-oh, moto, Chika Tokudaiji!

i thought engrish was the korean-american dialect.

if your superhero weakness is ice, you shouldn't be in canada, Chika Tokudaiji!

i would suggest a move to warmer climes, but the US won't have you, not in these politically turbulent times.

Chika Tokudaiji, meet vjyvzxf (my new word verification).