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If I could just get a break from him for a year straight, it would either be a miracle or a sign that the apocalypse is near.

Tristan (full name: Antonio Tristan Joaquin Arellano, so stereotypically 'Latin' aint it) is ex #4 in my long line of ex's (don't worry it stops at 5). He and I were together from a bit before I turned 19 until January 4th, 2004. (Reason why I remember that date so clearly is beacuse I gave him the cuss out of a lifetime that day. Feminists all over the world would've burned their bras in my honour.) I keep thinking we broke up during my 19th year, but I keep forgetting that he and I broke up numerous times, but soon after got back together, as always. Well except for that time I dumped him for Trell, then I was sorta kinda dating both at the same time, but not at the same time. lol. It's complicated. I mentioned this on my old blog, so I won't repeat the whole drama.

Anyway, the last time we broke up was for good, because he cheated on me (again) with his then baby-mama, now separated-about-to-be-divorced wife. He has three kids with this hef-- ahem, woman -- too. And his last child, the daughter named Emelia...nuff said. His wifey wife wasn't too pleased about that once she figured out why he was pushing for that name (it's my middle name for those who don't know).

But blah. The whole point is, Tristan for some reason has this urge to keep trying to get me back. It's a seasonal event. And it's flattering, stalkerish and depressing all at once. And what's even worse is that I tend to entertain his little conquests for my own amusement.

I think I do it because he's stunningly good looking. Yeah, I think I'm that superficial. And my crazy weakness for Latin dudes. Well he's not even fully Latin either, he has Italian, Palestinian, German and some other stuff mixed up with a touch of Blackness thanks to his grandmother. And then he has the nerve to have these piercing blue-green eyes. Dear Lord...

Anyway, he's been in NY now for a while doing his Masters at Columbia where he also did his undergrad, and he'll be up here sometime this week, but I'm not gonna meet up with him. Apparently he's leaving to go to Germany for a good amount of time, for God knows what (knowing him that could just be a reason to get me to see him). I just don't feel like getting caught up. I'll admit, having someone profess their undying love for you can really warm the heart. But enough is enough!

I've had more than my share of beautiful lies.

Can all the unwed, decent, moral, spiritual, moderately good looking, no baby mama drama having straight men with keen fashion sense please stand up? Please?....hello?

Shalom, chaverim.

Hebrew Word of the Day:


(KHOOTS-pah) n. Nerve; insolence; presumption and arrogance...mmmmhmm!

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Today's Riddims: Esthero - Wicked Lil Grrrls - "A Beautiful Lie"


Todd said...

*Stands Up*

Haha! :)

jasdye said...

'moderately good-looking?'

i almost stood up...

hon, if you see him i will be so flippin' pissed at you. he is a lying, conniving, adulterating, etc, etc. don't get stuck.

mindful said...

breaks are lovely... truly they are...